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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  Today I decided ta just focus on one flower that is ABSOLUTELY bloomin its head off.  The Stargazer Lily!

It SO lovely in bloom and apparently, they just LOVED the weather this year.  Both TBT an I agree that they have never been better.

Now, ya gotta unnerstand that they are in 4 differnt locations around the yard an they aren't bloomin all at the same time.  Some get less sunpuddles, so they bloom later.  I could ask TBT ta explain all the WHY about that, but it doesn't really matter.

They bloom when they are happy.

So enjoy these...

They are the beautifullest we have ever had and I love the smell.  So does TBT.  And they are right up on the deck, so we get ta smell them lots!

And since we are all up on the deck annyway, Ayla decided ta bring out "the good stuff".  There are fresh Nip leafs, Greenies, dry crunchies, cream, chickie broth, and some salmon favor Eukanuba stinky goodness...

Oh goodness, TBT just dropped some rattley mousies on the deck too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toesie Tuesday

IZA: I was showin off fer Grampa, an TBT took some pictures.

I think Grampa realizes that I'M the pretty one around here!
If not, I'll keep werkin on him!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Marley:  We're still a bit disorganized with gettin Grampa settled in an dint get any good Easy Like Sunday pics taken today, so TBT asked me to go back and choose a picture that "at least meant all of us".

Well, I like food, so here is a picture of all the foodbowls we sometimes use.  TBT switches them around so that we get ta see new things, so I thought this would be a good choice.


We'll try to do better next Sunday...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fevver Wand

IZA:  I knocked the Fevver Wand to the floor and started playin with it by myself!  It was easy.

Ya just drag it off somewhere...
Sniff the fevvers an bat them around...
Admire yer pawwerk... 
And then leave it in the middle of the room!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

IZA:  I'm doing the garden tour today, cuz we were all focussed on Miss Parker yesserday...

These are the first of the Stargazer Lilies.  I love seein them bloom.  They smell nice, too!
The Trollius are beginning to bloom too.  There will be a lot more of them soon.
This Baptisia is a visitor from Australia!  But I guess it knows when Summer is up here in the North side.  Its a regular flower plant, but it gets big an bushy like a shrub.
I like the Stella D'Oro lilies too.  They bloom a long time!  And they are so bright an cheerful lookin.
These Stachys always look nice.  TBT likes purple colors.  But theses dont last fer long.
The Veronica Speedwell spikes are sort of purplish.  But  sort of blueish too.  At least they last longer, cuz they keep sending up new flower spikes.
We have this one rose bush inna box thats a survivor from an old patch that got pulled out.  The flowers are almost gone by now, so they were drooping.  But they are REALLY bright red!
And last, I wanted ta show ya all that the pansies are still hangin in there.  But its gettin near the HOTS now, so I dont know how much longer we'll be seeing them.
As a special treat today, ya can come up on the deck an look in the glass door ta see the new Grampa.  I sits in the chair there pretending ta watch TV.  But mostly he's nappin.

Thanks fer coming along on the garden tour today.  We should be more back ta normal by next Thursday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfectly Parker

Another of the great kitties of the Cat Blogosphere has gone over the Bridge.  This is a day of sadness for us.  We are kinna glad fer her in a way cuz now she can see again and is well in all ways.  That's good.

Our purrs to her fambly and sibs.  We know how much they will miss her.  We have lost some ourselfs.  But no kitty loss is felt by others as much as by fambly, and we offer our best purrs to them.

Miss Parker was around before we were.  But Skeeter and LC (Those Who Came Before)  were there near the start and had a great friendship with Parker.  I, Ayla,  picked up on that relationship when I arrived in 2008 and I passed on our love for Miss Parker as Iza arrived later and then Marley.

We all loved Miss Parker as a kind of distant Aunt.  We hope that isn't unseemingly personal, but it came down from Skeeter and LC, so we hope that is OK.

Maybe TBT knew her best, as he was around all the years.  He is leaking tears whenever he thinks of Parker over the Bridge.

But WE say it is a good time fer Parker.  No more pains, she can SEE again through those gorgeous blue and green eyes, and she will feel whatever young healthy age she chooses of course.

I, Ayla, received a message from Skeeter and LC last night.  They say they are waiting at the Bridge.  And not just them.  Not that they count all the friends waiting each time, but they say there are a LOT of cats waiting at the Bridge to welcome their loved friend Parker to join them.  They want to show Parker about the everlasting mousie-hunts, the wand toy places, the moth lamps, the treat spots, etc, etc, etc...

We who remain behind will miss you so much Parker-Pie.

We send you off with our best smoochies in return for all the ones you gave.  And you will be covered with them on the other side...

Safe journey, Sweetest Parker...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, Finally!

IZA:  Marley finally decided to make an appearance upstairs.  And I must say he did it quite suddenly.  One minnit he was down in the basement, then he suddenly appeared in the TV room where Grampa an TBT were sitting.  He marched straight over ta Grampa, nuzzled his hand a bit, and rubbed against his legs.

Then lay down a few feet away and rolled over a bunch of times ta show off!

After a bit, I went over and congratulated him an gave him some attention.

I guess all will be peaceful now...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Freaked!

MARLEY:  I'm confused an a bit freaked out.  Its even hard to esplain, but basicly, I'm HIDING...
OK, actually I been hiding in the basement (ecept fer right NOW of course while TBT helps me post), but this is the best "hiding" picture I got available.

Im embarassed ta say it, but Im afraid of the new Bein.  I dont even know WHY.  Iza says hes friendly, Ayla says hes friendly.  I even THINK hes friendly myself.  But I just dont feel right upstairs where he is.

Me, the mancat, is afraid when the girlcats arent!  Oh the shame...  But I am.

He doesn't LOOK scary...
He doesnt SMELL scary...

He doesnt ACT scary...

He even walks around shuffling his big feet so he CANT even step on us.  Theres nothin ta be afraid of, right?  So why am I stayin in the basement?

I even THINK hes friendly.  Just look at this nice face...

Heres the cofoosin thing.  When I first met TBT at my original Moms house, he sat down on the floor an I walked RIGHT over an sat in his lap.  I wasnt afraid AT ALL.  So what changed with me?  I need some kitty advice fast.  Annyone?


THE BIG THING:  I apologize for all of us not visitin the past days, but I was away since Friday and it seems things are gonna be busy and confused here for a few more days.  We will be visiting again as soon as we can.  Hopefully just a couple days from now.

Meanwhile, we have discussed the matter of names here and decided that I will refer to my father as "Dad" myself, but the cats will call him "Grampa" which is a bit vague and will serve.  My own dealings with Dad will be on my own blog  And there are sure to plenty of those as I learn to live with an elderly parent living in the house.  Today's post is at HERE.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Big Thing Is Here!

IZA:  Well, The Big Thing left the house on Friday.  That was OK, he left plenty of food, water, and clean litter boxes.  It was actally kinna fun, running all thru the house without bein surprised by him comin around a corner with his big feet ready ta stomp us.  But we started missin the scritchies and laptime.

So we were glad ta hear the car machine pull inta the garage yesserday.  He hugged an scritched us all fer awhile and then started takin stuff out of the car.

But then he started cleanin stuff, talked on the phone a long time while lookin at pieces of paper, an soundin annoyed.  Later that evening, the doorbell rang an we all ran fer the bedroom!

TWO other Beins came inta the house.  One was like The Big Thing, but the other was real old and walked funny.  They brought a LOT of boxes an bags into the livin room, an then the younger Bein went away.  But the older one stayed, which seemed odd.

Ayla says he smells "familiar yet differnt".  Marley an I never smelt or seen him before.  TBT said we should go introduce ourselfs to his "Dad".  Wow, we dint know he even HAD one!  I guess evrybody does though we never really thought about HIS before.

I went an did that right away.  He seemed friendly enough an smiled at me, so I rubbed his legs a few times and sat in the room watchin him.  Ayla took a bit longer, but then she is shyer than me.

The BIG surprise is Marley!  He took off fer the basement, an hasnt come up since ecept ta eat briefly.

TBT and his Dad have been unpackin boxes all day an its been fun sniffin the boxes.  There are LOTS of bugs and critter smells that I nefer smelt before.  TBT says those are "florida" smells, whatever a "florida" is.

The worrisome part is that TBT says his Dad is STAYIN here.  Like in "to live with us".  I had no idea TBT needed an older Bein ta live with him.  He allus SEEMED to take care of himself and us just fine by hisself.

He says he will esplain more about this change to us tomorrow.

And Marley will esplain HIS strange behavior tomorrow too.

Oh BTW,  apparently TBT is another year older today.  He told us a number, but it is WAY too high for me ta figure out.  He says he is "about 4 cats old".  Does that mean he is "historic"?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  This Easy Sunday is a bed day.  So we are enjoyin the warmth of the heated waterbed.
We are usually closer than this, but sometimes a little space is nice.
Just not quite touching...
Is OK sometimes.  The bed can be a bit warm fer nappin ON each other, ya know?
Yeah this is purrfect fer TODAY!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Marley Tent

MARLEY:  Ah man, exposed!
 I LIKE bein hidden in my tent.  Safe secure...
Just s little of me showin out.
THIS is more like it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Puff Tails

AYLA:  Well, I sure don't puff often, an usually not all that fully.  But I got a GOOD puff yesserday, so I figured I ought ta show it off.  Rare events deserve attention, ya know?

TBT had that mousie-droppings scary honkin duck at me yesserday, and I finally puffed.  Ya gotta unnerstand, I pride myself in not puffin my tail, since, as a Princess, Im sposed ta be in control alla time.  I do it well.

The scary honkin duck IS a challenge.  But I managed that with a SLIGHT puff.
The snake was a whole other can of rats!  I am embarrassed ta say (but honest enough ta say) I LOST IT!  I went FULL POOF
I went TOTAL POOF!  I don't know how I'll live THAT down.  TBT says thats the MOSTEST poof I ever done.  I'd rather that I hadnt, but, ya know, POOF HAPPENS.  Ta the best of us.

Snakies really give me the POOFS!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TBT Lap Time, Again

IZA:  From a couple separate days this week...  My favrit spot after dinner!
 Ooh I actally pass out there...
 He can lift me like a rag doll an I just stay asleep happy.
It CANT get better than that.
I only see these nappin pics the next days after...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


IZA:  They nap so well together that I get all jealous sometimes...
But sometimes we ALL collect unner the blankies around TBT, so that is OK.

I crawl in on one side of TBT an Ayla crawls in on the other side.  Then Marley comes along an gets unner the blankie on MY side where just our paws are touchin.  Which is OK (just barely).

An TBT scritichies ALL of us... til he finally falls asleep with his hands around us.  An WE all fall asleep happy.

An on the BEST nights?  We ALL get ourselfs unner the covers in differnt spots, an he manages ta get his hands or feet up against us almost the whole night long which we love.  We don't get pictures of that, but ya can imagine it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  MY TURN!!!  Here's my tummy...
An rollin over...
I LOVE ta have my tummy scritched!  Even with bare Bein feets.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cat-Sitter DVD

MARLEY:  We got the Cat-Sitter DVDs!  Theyre funtastic.  Iza found it first.
And she called me into the room.  I was already on my way since I heard all the squeekin!
Then some colorful birdies showed up all sudden-like.
Iza went ta find Ayla, so I got a good close-up look!
And then there were the mousies again.  That was a real surprise.  Mebbe the birdies an mousies live together.
Iza came back an told me Ayla was too sound asleep.
So she'll just have ta see it later.