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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tongue

Little Pink Tongue Tuesday...


OK, closer look...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cube Fun

MARLEY:  We havent played in the Cube fer a long time, but we suddenly got innerested in it again.  Iza and I happened ta stare at each other through the holes, so I decided ta explore it a bit more.  You can just barely see me through the unoccupied hole.
But she went an lay down, so I decided ta get inside.
An walked out, then back in.
An out...
An in...  How exciting!
I guess it really takes 2 ta get something going with the Cube an Iza wanned ta nap more than play.  I went off ta find Ayla...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

WE GOT AVATARED!!!  Oui Oui had her Mom did it fer us.  And SO WELL!




And....  MARLEY!
We are clowderly thrilled!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


MARLEY:  My favrit perch...

The other cat trees have higher perches, but there is less traffic here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fun

Ssshhh, we're busy.
Do ya know what we're doin?
Its somethin we do a LOT!
Endlessly facinatin...
We're watchin Birdie TV!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday


Its HOT here today.  Lets try ta stay in the shade as much as possible.  But first I gotta show ya the lilies an the main flower area...

This is one of our best daylilies.  This patch of them wasnt doing too well cuz they got shaded by an unwanted sapling.  Then, since they werent growin, they dint get watered much.  But now the sapling is gone, and they are growin some.
This lily sprung all 3 flowers at once!
An here is the main flowerbed.  Its doing well cuz it gets watered 2 times a week.
BTW, the whole bed is bordered with clumping blue fescue.  But as ya can see, some clumps are more blue than others...

Now lets head fer the SHADE!

This is what the Evil Skwerls do around here.  They eat green apples...  Fortunately, this was a neighbors apple.  Unfortunately, thats cuz the Evil Skwerls already GOT all of ours.  We had 50...
There is a whole line of hostas over here along the fence, but this is my favorite.  Its big an has bold patterns on the leafs.
This one is TBTs favrit.  Its a bit suttle...
An finally, we got these hydrangeas.  They start white, then turn green.  After green, they turn brown.

The first tomatoes (fruited before the HOTS and the drought) failed.  One got eaten by some critter (TBT was too distraught to think of taking a picture - shame, shame), and the other was only ripe at the bottom.

BUT, we got several new good-sized fruits that started after the HOTS briefly stopped 2 weeks ago.  They are developing fast.

Now lets get out of the HOT and go lie down on the cool basement floor.  I think TBT has a can of sardines and some chick-hen set aside for snacks.  And lets just have some nice cool water to drink!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Quite Werdless Wensday

AYLA: TBT cleaned some bookshelfs!  I was right up ON them... 
But there isn't much ta do here.  Not even a pen ta whap.  On the other paw, it nice and quiet here.  Could someone bring me a towel ta lay on?  Toss a milk ring?  Toss a crunchy?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well Iza cant get ALL the glory!
 I mean, I want a bit of snorgling too sometimes...
But I have a request.  I'm entered in the Artistic High Jump.  But I don't want ya ta vote fer ME.  I want ya ta go vote for Coco, an I dont even KNOW Coco!  But its really the best jump.  Just look at Coco pouncin like Batman on the other cats!  Its the most outstanding (well, JUMPING) picture we have ever seen.  I want you ta vote fer Coco cuz there is some ballot-stuffing going on, an it needs ta be balanced. 
Is THAT amazin or what?

Ya can vote EVERY DAY!  Please do so...  Vote fer Coco evry day and EACH day!  Ya can keep doing it until Midnight July 27th where ever you are, YOUR time. 

Do the vote HERE!  Coco is about 2/3rds down on the list.  Lets get Coco the WIN!

Vote early, vote often, but vote for the Coco of your choice!

An BTW, the new Header is by SPITTY!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Today I am doin some typical mancatly stuff.  In this case, studying the Evil Skwerls.  I do this in the full expectation that I will be allowed OUT again and have the chance to bring one of these villains to swift toothy justice!

For example, I note that they apparently cant see though glass doors.  I am obviously in plain sight, but it does not seem to see that I am there watching it.
They dont seem ta be very smart.  It is looking around all over the deck for nuts and EVRYONE knows that nuts dont grow on decks!  Well, not until Fall at least, when Acorns grow there.
See how stupid it is?  It is sniffing a piece of cement ta see iffen it is edible!  Or soft enough ta dig a hole in.  Whichever...
Ohhhh, if I could JUST get out that door...  But until then, I'll keep studying them.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Party Door Prize

Well, we FINALLY got up and about today around 3 PM.  What a pawty.  Thanks to evryone for visitin an makin it such a grand time!

Now, for the DOOR Prize!  We printed out the comments, cut them all separate, (and threw away our own) an dumped them inna hat.  TBT closed his eyes and pulled one out...

Congratulashuns to Shaggy and Scout of Little Cat Feet!  We will be sending a gift package out to you as soon as we learn yer address and figure out what kinna stuff you like!  Email us at marksmews2118 AT verizon DOT net.  Giving us some hints might help too...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2,000th Post Party

Here we are, at our 2,000th post! We can HARDLY believe it.
 Its 12:21 AM OUR time, so we are gonna start the party.

Well, like we said Wensday, we didnt start the blog, an fer all we know, we may not finish it either.  But TBT said 2,000 was worth a party, and we are happy about THAT!  An we passed 100,000 visitors a couple months ago, so thats neat too.

So we've arranged fer the best food TBT would spring for, and all that games we could manage...

To start, we have dry treats while evryone gets to talk ta each other.  Crunchies are a good start.  The party games will start in about an hour (dependin on how many friends show up this early).

But there are TP rolls for impatient players.  They are the tricky ones on backwards, though.  MOL!

An lotsa mousie-toys on the floor...

UPDATE 3 AM...  
Wow, so many kittehs visitin SO early!  We are amazed…  Fortunately TBT is up late and is prepared ta stay up ALL day.  We (and he) slept early last night, so we are ready fer our big day ALL day!

The first ham came out…  TBT cut it up on the table (and we were all told (an agreed) ta not jump up while he was doing that.   Flying knives and kitty tails do NOT get along).  But when the chunks hit the bowls, all "Ell" broke loose.

(And King Spitty and Iza are sneakin around together)...

Update 4:30 AM - Oh the Box-jumping games have begun!  The boxes are started at 2 feet apart and TBT slowly moves them farther away.  Iza got disqualified at once.  She couldn’t do even the 2 foot jump (along with 3 others).  Most got to 4 feet away.  The winners got to 5 feet.

Spitty is GOOD at this.  But some Forty Paws Kities did better.  We have to go find out their names.  But they keep running after the rattley mousies now.

6:00 AM Update:  Well, we are going nappies, but we sure hope our friends stay playin.  It wont keep us awake.  And all are welcome ta pile around TBT in the big waterbed.  He'll like that and so will you.  Lotsa scritchies!

7:00 AM UPDATE:  OK, we are up again.  TBT says it is time fer a chicken!  YAY!!!  Lets eat!  But dont try ta get the bones, he takes them away...

Pee Ess - Has anyone seen King Spitty and Iza lately?  They are sposed to be helpin us clean up as the party goes along.  ~  Ayla and Marley 

8:30 AM Update:  Hannah and Lucy, Brian, Old Kitty, and Katie are IN THE HOUSE,  Time for THoE!  Line up at the kitchen door...

And.............. RUN!

And Katie wins!!!  Good Thundering, Katie! 

Pee Ess, has ANYONE seen King Spitty and Iza around? 

There are new rolls of TP put up if annyone is innerested...  And watchers can give the ratings.

Time fer a Cat Tree and bag contest!   You climb the cat tree and jump into anny bag on the floor.  There are several... Style and accuracy counts.  Iza will judge.  Hey where IS IZA?  Never mind, Marley will judge, then.!

10:30 AM Update:  Yay, The "Abby cats are here.  Boo, Abby, Ping, Gracie, and um, what was that blur that just went by?  Looks like another TP roll will meet the floor...

And its BOX time again.  THIS time, we will all get up on the empty books shelves and see how many boxes  we can jump into while keeping our heads above the boxtops!!!  Iza will judge,  Oh is she STILL gone?  OK I Ayla will judge,..

 Hey, The Florida Furkids and Lexi, and Samantha, Clemmie and Maverick are jest arrived! 
Good timing all.  We think TBT is bringing out another ham soon..  

Doggie bafroom is right ouside on the groundhoggie burrow, heh, heh, heh.  Feel free to go...  And the fence is secure, you wont get out away.  An BTW, any kitties who want to "do it" outside, yer welcome to.  The backyard is full of fallen leafs so there is THE BEST cover-up material outside an its OK..  Fr you shyer ones, there are four litterboxes in the basement an TBT keeps them CLEAN.

There is a clowder of cats here, so me hope me haven't missed anyone.  But we ARE fergetful of names sometimes.  If yer here, we DO notice...

Oh wow, the whole Marg cat crew are here!  Make room. make room...  Hi y'all, the Nip's in the TV room, and the treats are in the computer room.  Ands find a bag ya like...

5 PM UPDATE:   Oh WOW, evrycats are here!  All our friends and some new ones too!
Turbotrak time.  It was put away when Grampa came, but TBT has put it out again.  There are TWO balls ta bat around.  And fer those crowded out, there are ping-pong balls all around the floors ta bat!

Ham Chunks the Fourth is brought out!  This time, TBT is just putting it on a tablecloth on the FLOOR, so tear into it.  Floor level ham, WooHOO!  Try not ta shred the…  Oh Bast, too late…  Never mind.

Hey, Max is here, Eric and Flynn  are here, time ta break out the shrimps!   Hey Max, didya see that TBT cooked the shrimps in HAM JUICE? 

Meanwhile, lets get a good game of THoE going.  CLEAR THE HALLWAY!  We'll have 3 runs an the winners will meet later for the final thunder!

Where IS IZA annyway?  Shes sposed to be helping...  ~  Marley

9:30 PM UPDATE:  Grampa says Katie is pretty.  But then he is calling ALL of us "Katie" tonight.   Hey, TBT shouldnt we be seein another chicken about now?   And more TP rolls?

11:30 PM UPDATE.  Oh wow, more friends droppin in, The Island Casts, Derby and Ducky, Leo and Star!  Time fer more bag games!!!  And more SHRIMPS!!!   Strangely, there are some kittens asleep UTB.  We're not sure where they came fro,  But everyone is bein nice ta them (lickin and settling down fer nappies).

Let the bag games begin again! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Banana-Fanna Song Fun

We're all busy gettin ready fer the party tomorrow, so we're leavin today to TBT...   An we arent gonna look ta see what he says.

Ayla, Ayla, bo-bayla,
Banana-fana fo-fayla
Iza, Iza, bo-biza
Banana-fana fo-fiza
Marley, Marley, bo-barley
Banana-fana fo-farley
Cats, Cats, bo-cats.
Banana-fana fo-fats
Mee-Mi-Mo cats

Now what if Rumplestiltskin-Odinsdatter married Frankenberry's daughter (Frankenberry-Glockenspiel) and they decided to hyphenate THEIR names...  Try THAT one.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday


We have some flowers ta show, though the weather has been real bad.  Thankfully, the temperature dropped all a sudden yesserday, so its OK out here today.
The Black-Eyed Susans are finally blooming.  Theyre clever; they been migratin themselves toward sunnier areas fer years now.
The Purple Coneflowers are doing well.  For perennials, they bloom a long time!
From back here, ya can get a good overall view of the best flowering part of the garden.
These Forget-Me-Nots dont show up from far away cuz of the small flowers, but they are pretty when yer closer.
The small pond is thriving since TBT started hauling out the algae.  There are 3 orange goldfish an a bunch of hoppy frogs...
The Wave Petunias are startin ta spread out.  Dont mind the grass; TBT says its been too hot to be weedin outside.  But he will get at them soon.
This Miscanthus grass is neat with the gold stripes on the leafs.  Someday it will get much bigger.
 The hanging cherry tomato is finally putting out some fruits...
Like these several on this one branch up close.
Finally, we have the last of the stargazer lillies bloomin.  They sure have a strong smell, dont they?  An there is a whole nother flower ta open!

Fer refreshments today, we are gonna get a hint of the good foods and treats TBT has made fer our 2,000th post party on Caturday.  Bits of ham mostly, but notice there are some shrimp bits hidden among the ham pieces.  An he cooked the shrimps in ham juice!  Best of both.  Plus we got some Nip Slings ta lap along with the meats...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2,000th Post Coming Soon!!!

Wow, we never thought we would get there!  We've been watchin the count creep up slowly fer months and the day is comin soon.

Caturday July 21st will be our 2,000 post.  We had our 100,000 visitor a coupla months ago, too, but that kinna slipped by usunnoticed.

Skeeter and LC started this in August 2006.  That was before anny of US were even borned!  Well, TBT was, but you know what we mean...

So TBT decided we should have a big party fer both events!  YAY!!!

There will be foods and drinks an games ta play.  And a DOOR PRIZE fer a lucky guest!


Meowgaritas and Niptinis...


An a fancy cake fer dessert!
The games will involve boxes, bags, THoE, and King/Queen of the Cat Tree!  TBT promises ta keep his pockets full of rattley-mousies and treats and toss them around most all day an night...

So please come over an help us celebrate on Caturday!!!