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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloweeny Haunted Ceiling Tunnel!

IZA:  OMC!  Ayla and Marley spent 2 days out in the garage settin up a "Scarey Halloween Haunted Tunnel" just for Spitty and Me to esperience!  I had NO idea, but they told me to invite my lovey boyfriend Spitty over fer a BIG SURPRISE.

I dint know about the ceiling over the garage.  But Marley did.

They say they got all kinna really scarey stuff in there.  And Spitty is here now, SO HERE WE GO!

It started out easy.  An EVIL SKWERL...

And a (Shudder)  empty food bowl! 
I wasnt sure I wanted to go further, but Spitty said to be brave, so I did my best.  It helped that he was right there by my side...
He is SUCH a manly cat!!!  I feel so SAFE whe he is around.

Then we saw terrible things!  A Crazy Cat Lady grabbing cats from ALL over.

And the grim Needle-Vader!
And "It" probes yer nether parts too!

We fell down in horror together!  We CLUNG in fear!
Well, actally, THAT part was good...  Holding tight to Spitty is very nice...


JUST when we thought it was all over...  THE SHOWER!!!

We weren't certain about it, but then it went and MOVED and we got SOAKED!  Oh it was awful...  No place to run an hide!  We ran farther down the ceiling tunnel only to find THIS in our way!

It was a scary undedded Voodoo Woman Zombie!
  and her pet RAT! 
We backed away fast, hoding each other tight (Spitty no doubt to protect me), but that sent us straight into a defleshicated cat skeleton,
and a GIANT RAT that must have EATEN it!
We were both about discombuberated by then and I think I fainted on a (convenient) pillow. 
But Spitty, Kingly mancat that he is, stood guard over me until I came back to my senses!

And TOGETHER, we went forward!!!

Only to turn a small corner and see...
Oh crap, and I mean that literally!!!  We both fell apart fer a second and scrabbled fer the exit.  But we found each others paws as we went! 

What?  You thought we were gonna get together an fight THAT?  Just US?  Are you NUTS? Look at that Skwerl blood on its teefs (I HOPE that is just skwerl blood).

We low-tailed it outta there!  Ayla and Marley were laffin their butts off as we ran out.  They asked iffen we liked the funny ghosties and smiley pumpkins they set in there.

"Funny ghosties, smiley pumpkins"?  We said what we saw, an they both went pale.  Spitty backed me up and ya gotta trust SPITTY!  Well, Ayla's choclate ears went grayish, and Marley's pinky paws went white.

When I described bein grabbed by the Zombie lady and Spitty was right there an couldn't even SEE it, Marley and Ayla yelped!

They KNEW something was gone all wrong!

Marley started ta poke his head up into the ceiling tunnel, but a strange hiss in there poofed his tail  bigger than a foot-long pine cone an he backed down REAL quiet...

We figure Ayla and Marley tapped into another dimension.  Some eleventieth dimension beyond that which is known to cat. A dimension as vast as space and timeless as the days between meals when yer lost in a desert!  In the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of cat's fears and the summit of our knowledge.  Somewhere in the ceiling of our garage...  

Come visit it iffen you DARE...

WE wont ever again...

WE plan to just stay curled up UTB tonight and forget about it as best we are able.  

 Iffen YOU go in, dont assume you will come out.  There were pathways in there we DINT take...
Well, dont say we dint warn ya...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Riddance Sandy!

A poem of happiness.

Apologies to Alexander Niemann

Rain Stopped

The sodden fat blobs from the sky, cease to fall
onto our house . You can smell the wet broken acorns on the deck

and the ceasing of the wind in the willows next door.
The hurricane is done, gone on its way.  Bothering others in its path to spread the world's warmth afresh.   The air's stirred drink has renewed the clime while leaving powerless humans in its wake.

We rejoice in our continued electricity.  It did not fail, nor dimmed in threat.  Our meals were cooked, and warm they were.

If only those of us far north were quite as sure.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurry Cane

Well, we are still waitin fer the Hurry Cane to GO AWAY, and we are spending the time ACTIVELY RESTING...  
Grampa is still all worried about the Hurry Cane, but TBT is not (much).  He esplained to us that Grampa is seeing the forecasts fer Philadelphia and New York and doesnt unnerstand that those places are not HERE.  And when the newpeople talk about power outages that will happen "all over", Grampa doesnt beleeve that our unnerground cables will (probably) keep OUR power on here in our little corner of South Merryland.

But TBT has lived here a squillion years so we have decided to lissen to him and not worry about it (much).  In fact, so far, we have had worse regular storms...

Meanwhile, we will be purring fer our furiends who are more in the path of the Hurry Cane and hope their power stays on too (or gets fixed fast).

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We are takin it Easy today cause we hear a Hurry Cane is comin this way.  TBT isnt worried, but Grampa is right upset, so we need ta be rested in case something happens.
Doing VERY ACTIVE RESTING can be a lot of werk, so we are gettin right at it.
We may spend tomorrow VERY ACTIVELY RESTING too, just in case...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Caturday Captions

"Yeah, I hear it too.  A thump-thump sound..."

"Hey, my PAW!"

"I'll whap you GOOD fer THAT!"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Freaky Friday

Another Fat Freddy's Cat cartoon...

But we should esplain that Fat Freddy's Cat  belongs to Freddy of the Fabulous Freak Brothers (hence "Freaky Friday") of which Fat Freddy is only one of three.  But his cat is the only one of them WE care about here...

See?  There are dangers in letting the Beins move the furniture...  Stop them if possible!

After all, chairs are IMPAWTANT!!!
Just try relaxin on one when it isnt there...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Night Picture

AYLA: We often sleep all 3 close together (or at least 2 of us), but sometimes we spread out to keep TBT firmly in place.  He tosses an turns, ya know...  An watever that might mean fer HIM, it disturbs US, which is SERIOUS!

So last night, we spread around him.  Here is Iza, holding down his right side...
 Marley spread across both legs...
And ME on his left.
He still moves a bit.  We try our best, but it would be easier iffen we weighed about eleventy-twelve pounds each.  Iza says she is TRYIN ta get to that, but she seems stuck at about 13 pounds.  More cats would help, too, but we're not sure that would be worth it.  I mean, who wants more competition at dinner or fer laptime?  Even with Grampa here, we're still a lap short as it is.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earning My Treats...

IZA:  Ok, OK, I gave in.  There is SOMETHIN about Grampa I like.  He doesnt move a lot, he has a gentle hand, and (how can I say this right?).

He lives here, and that matters.  I need to deal with him, and as a Tonky, I love Beins.  Its in the blood.  So tonight, I took the Big Leap.  Onto his lap, that is.

 It wasnt the best lap I've been on.  His legs are apart and both feet on the floor, so there is no lap-cup, iffen ya know what I mean.  But he was happy about me gettin up there, and THATS a good start.

I did the usual circle, and found enough support to settle on.  A small pillow would have helped some, but ya cant allus have a mousie in the food bowl, ya know?  I curled up fer a good hour and Grampa stroked me "reasonably" well.

We both fell asleep at about the same time, so I guess I did good.  Pictures follow...

We are BOTH sleepyheads...

I may do this again.  Grampa doesnt squirm like TBT does.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Well, Im glad to have my Monday slot back!  And I have something very mancatly to show.  I CAUGHT A LIZARD!!!

It was INSIDE the house, which makes it POSSIBLY DANGEROUS.  Heres a close-up...  He lost his tail somewhere (I would have liked to play with that.  I hear they wiggle nicely).

Dont mind the carpet.  Thats a mat in the basement an never hardly sees anny sucky-machine action.

But it was a purrfect place ta bat at the lizard. 
I bit him a few times until he was dedded.

And just to be safe, I watched it fer a good long time.  I dint eat it since it was already cold (an there was no tempting smell either).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Iza and Marley went running out on the deck as soon as the door was opened this morning.  But I know how ta take it Easy!
I took the BIG BED (seldom used).
And I have a favrit toy with me...  See the fevvers?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tocktober Day

Well its 'Tocks Day!  We dint know TBT caught us on camera like this (he IS darn good at sneaky stuff sometimes fer a Bein).  But he got us all, so we guess we hafta put up with it.  But just wait til WE figure out how ta werk the camera.  Then there will REALLY be a 'Tocktober surprise!



Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, TBT discovered a VERY OLD book of cat cartoons.  And he is testing them to see iffen he can display them.

If it werks, it werks and youll see more.  If not HISS on it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

We are startin to say goodby to much of our garden,  The annuals are still bloomin, but most of the garden is perennials an they are goin slowly.

So, Goodbye Flowers...

Goodbye Ferns...
Goodbye Hostas...
Goodbye Hydrangeas...
Goodbye Tulip Tree Leafs...
Goodbye Coneflowers...
See you all in the Spring when you wake up again...

In honor of the flowers goin away fer the year, we wont be havin any refreshments today.

PSYCH!  Of course we will,  but inside out of sight of them.  We got HAM!  We got fishsticks!  And we got Unvodka Niptinis (stirred AND shaken).  The cream is in the bedroom.  [Knock on the door and say "Beyond Milk" and Marley will let you in]

And thats where all the toys are stashed today, too...