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Monday, December 31, 2012

Mousie 1

MarIey:  See, I toId you a was catchin mousies!!!
Even iffen Iza pIays with them more...

And AyIa sniffs them...

 But I caught it...

See the mousie?
It gots TEEFS!!!
But I dedded it!

Mancat Monday

MarIey:  It is very mancatIy to have a few scars and scrapes from time to time.  Here is my best one this month!
A voIe did that as we were pIayin.  I thought it was rather MEAN of him, so I ATE him right after...  VoIes are a bit feistier than reguIar mousies.  TBT says he is gIad Ive never caught a skwerreI, it might mean a trip to the vet.  Id take that chance though, just to GET one.

ActaIIy, I had 3 of those mousie-bites on my neck, but TBT couId onIy get the one picture cuz my furs were kinna stuck to the others and he thought he shouId Ieave them aIone.

Ya know whats nice?  When TBT rubs his fingers gentIy over the scabbies when Im curIed up on his Iap.  They itch a IittIe, and the rubbin feeIs good.  But it aIso means he can feeI what a good mousie-hunter I am!

New Header, too, BTW...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

WrassIin Action

IZA:  We know its Easy Sunday, but we are stiII pumped up from Chrissy Mouse Day prezzies.  So MarIey and I are workin off some of that ecitement!
Sorry they are bIurry, but we have a sIow fIashy box an we werent stayin in one pIace very Iong...
AyIa was busy stayin OUT of our way.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chrissy Mouse Prezzie

AYLA: Our Aunti Susie and Uncle Walt came to visit us just before Chrissy Mouse Day and they brought us a prezzie!  Its some really cool Nip toys.  There are shrimps and ornaments and a cheese wheel!
Iza tore right into it and started scatterin stuff.
I investigated a shrimpie an decided I liked it.
Iza yelled at me that these toys were all HERS, but I bravely guarded a shrimpie an the cheese wheel for myself. 
So Iza ignored the toys I claimed and spent her time with the others.
Fer a moment, she wasnt sure which to play with next...
But she decided she liked that green ornament the best.
Marley and I think we will probly let her claim that ONE toy fer all her own.
I carried my shrimpie all over the house all evening.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Secret Paws 3

More on the Secret Paws prezzies from Friends FurEver!

 MARLEY:  Well, there was one fer TBT too! 
It was a special coffee mug fer cat lovers.  Says so right on it...
 And on BOTH sides so that everyone knows he is a cat lover!
He doesnt drink coffee, but he drinks his green tea out of a coffee mug every morning.  Good timing, too, cuz his only large mug been washed so many times, the decoration is all gone an its a boring old white!

Thank you fer all the great stuffs...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secret Paws 2

More on the Secret Paw prezzies from Friends FurEver!

AYLA:  Next, TBT brought out a prezzie wrapped in really cute crinkly!  See the "Meowy Christmas Kitty" all over it?
Inside was a scratcher that hangs on a door.  Weve nevver had one that did THAT!   But TBT says we should wait ta open it until we used up the 2 floor models we are almost done with.  It comes with Nip ta sit in the gaps, so thats gonna be FUN!
Then there was something wrapped up in some crinkly with mousies on it.  That looks promising.
It even had a special decoration clawed out by Ellie!  See where it even says so?
Its TREATS!  Yay!
Iza, of course hadda go try an claim it
But TBT says he will put it in our treat jar FOR ALL OF US, not just her.
An there was still ANOTHER prezzie fer us.  It hadda pretty bow on it, so we knew it would be REAL GOOD!
 Ooh Lookit!  There are 3 sardines, a biskit, an a cheese wheel!  An they all smell of NIP!
Iza couldn't get the lid of though, so we will have to get at that later.
She kept tryin, bless her greedy little heart...
 Again and again...
We finally looked around to decide which new things we would play with and headed off in different directions.  Yes, TBT opened the Nip toys and scattered them around...
Tomorrow - There was a prezzie for TBT too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Secret Paws!

IZA:  We FINALLY got ta open our Secret Paws Package yesserday!

Its from Friends Furever!  We figured it out by looking at the Blogoshere map (and Ellie's name was inside on a wrapping paper, MOL)!

Its a BIG Box...  We examined it all over afore TBT opened it.  Ooh lookit wrappings! And then GREAT stuffs came out!
We sniffed the first package carefully.
But we couldnt figure out what it might be.
So I began to open it.
Ooh, its a warm fuzzy kitty-blankie.  I love those!
It has the cutest little Santa Kittie-Helpers all over it...
Marley came over ta take a look at it too.
While I was enjoyin it, he went over and batted at the ckrinkly
But came back to wait his turn for a test.
Tomorrow - The other great stuff from the box!

Thank you Friends FurEver!