Saturday, January 07, 2012

King of the Hill Results?

MARLEY:  Of COURSE IZA couldn't REALLY sneak up on me, she is WAY too heavy.  She rocks the whole tree like an earthquake.   She DID eventually reached paws up over my platform.  I ignored them.

Then she stuck her head up.  I tapped her on the top.  Gently...

I put my head over the edge and looked down at her, stretched both my front claws out VERY wide,  an suggested she choose the other tree.  Or attack.

She chose neither.  She decided TBT's lap was the place she most wanted ta be.  Not that that was a surrender, of course, just a place she wanted ta be more.


So we both won.  Thats the best way fer things ta werk out.

Also, oh cool, we are over 100,000 visitors!   Well, it seems a LOT to US, annyway. We sure never expected THAT.