Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lotsa Stuff!

MARLEY:  A few differnt things been happening the last couple days!

1..Ill start with my vet visit Tuesday.  I was sposed ta go in December, but I distracted TBT and hid the post card remindin him about it.  The card is buried deep in the closet junk.  But he suddenly remembered readin it an called the vet Monday an made an appointment fer the next day. 

Ayla added insult ta injury by pawing a letter to Dr Jeffrey telling him how HAPPY she has been since he finally fixed her ladygarden right after another vet failed twice.  But I gotta admit, she sure has changed fer the better.  Still, havin ta deliver a "happy letter" ta the guy who was about ta poke, prod, an stab me was hard.

Annyway, here is the only picture TBT got.  

Would ya BELIEF TBT put the letter AND my poop sample in the PTU with me?  Cruel...  I was tempted ta eat it (THE LETTER!) but I dint.  I don't make social fou paws!  I'm glad I have natural gentlemancat manners.

I was in an out real fast.  I got weighed (11 lbs 13 ozs), so I lost a pound since september (Iza is a food hog; you so much as yawn and shes in yer bowl chowin down).  Annyway, I got prodded "You Know Where", an stabbed twice, but I was declared AA+ Superb Health, so thats good.

My poop was clean of whatever they search for!  I should mention that I hadda spent a WHOLE NIGHT closed in the MewsRoom so TBT could GET a poop ta pay the vet with.  I THINK thats how it werks.

The sad part is that we ALL gotta go back in 3 weeks.  Its Ayla an Iza's regular time for the same stuff.  I COULD have gotten my new shot this time but NOOOO, TBT wants ta get us all on the same schedule for future years.  I guess he thinks 1 BIG torture trip is a lot more fun than 3 separate little torture adventures...  I worry about him sometimes. 

Wait til Dr Jeffrey sees Iza has gained 2 pounds and Ayla an I have lost weight.  THAT should make things REALLY confoosin for TBT...   Hey, ya gotta get fun where ya can.

2.  Thursday Garden Tour!  None of us actally went out, but TBT did take some "garden" pictures.  We watched from the winders inside today where it was nice and warm.

It started snowing Tuesday for the first time this year.  It covered the ground but that was at night and melted fast in the morning.
Here are Saucer Magnolia buds.  They will open in late February.  They get froze some years but when they dont they are magnificent!
This is the  red-twig dogwood shrub.  They are bright red all winter, which we think is pretty nice...
These are Nandina berries.  We assume birds eat them, because otherwise, why would the Nandinas bother ta make them?  SOME birds must need them!   And we have a bumper crop this year.  TBT says he has never seen so many.  Well, it HAS BEEN a warm early winter, so mebbe they just keep makin them as long as they can.

And we have daffodils emerging ALL OVER the place!  Apparently the leafs don't mind the cold temperatures.  TBT says they have "aunty-freezer" stuff in them.  They BETTER, cuz it is sure ta get really cold here eventually (down ta 10F on average)!

3.  TBT pats his snowblower machine each time he goes in the garage.  He bought it after the terrible snows of 2009/2010.  Hasn't snowed a mousies butt high since then.  He calls it "anti-snow insurance".  But please wish us at least 8" of snow sometime this winter.  We wanna watch him use it from the windersill over the driveway (while we are all warm an he is fussin outside in the cold.   Cuz we really like sittin on his lap when he is too tired ta move!