Wednesday, January 18, 2012


IZA:  We had SO MANNY pictures we dabated how ta show them.  Some of all of us playin each day fer some days or each on several days.  TBT decided on each of us havin a day with the new toys.

Obviously, my turn 1st!  So here goes...
I jumped right up on the table as he set them down. Well, I AM the toy fanatic here...
A wand toy hit the floor first.  
Marley made a play for it, but I was all like UH UH!
I went nuts over it...
 Couldnt get enough of it.
And THEN there was some sisal mousies.  I nearly passed out!
I gave then REALLY good attention.
An THEN there were colorful mousies.  An orange one.  I batted that alla round the room.
Then a many-colored one.  I hadda THINK about that one.   Too confoosin.
I went back to the orange one.  Its easier ta look at.
But the BLOO one really is my heart's desire.   I nommed it an rubbed it.  An there wasn't even Nip in it!
I batted it all around.  TBT dint get a 10th the pictures he wanned.  His camera is REALLY slow.  He needs a camera that actally clicks when he pushes the button.  Not like 5 seconds later.
I played with it fer hours an even growled at Marley when he tried to play with it too.  An I don't usally do that.  But these were great new toys.

But he gets tomorrow.  An we hear rumors there are OTHER toys set aside fer Marley's Gotcha Day the 22nd.