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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery, Unsolved, Solved, Unsolved, and Solved Again

THE BIG THING:  We have/had a MYSTERY!  It was unsolved a month ago, solved and unsolved again a few weeks ago, but was solved again last night (which required some fast re-writing)!

When Skeeter and LC were kittens, there was this very old toy that predated them.  It may even have predated Tinkerbelle (1982-1999?), but I'm not sure.  It is ANCIENT.  It was a simple yellow plastic ball (like a plastic golf ball) that unscrewed in halves.  It had small holes in it.  You unscrewed it, put in some Nip powder (the way it came before we learned we could grow it ourselves), and the cat batted it around to sniff the Nip that fell out.  I THINK it was originally included in a box of 1980s Hartz Mountain powdered catnip!

I know I had it when I moved here in 1986 with Tinkerbelle.  She LOVED it!  But it disappeared "sometime" when Skeeter and LC were here.

When I got Iza as a kitten, she started pooping under the stairs to the basement.  The understairs were pretty much enclosed by some storage areas I built around it, a workbench, and I stored excess house supplies (like extra ceiling tiles and floorboards) in there but a cat could get in there to poop.  When I realized that, I crawled in the space to clean it up. 

Iza (she had kittenish pooping issues) had been pooping on the exposed ceiling tiles, ruining them.  So I crawled in and cleaned everything up one day, removing the soiled ceiling tiles.  I used heavy-duty staples to attach chicken wire to the workbench side, and I covered the crawl-in space opening with 2 old stereo speakers.

But as I was cleaning around in there, I spotted a small yellow shape barely visable way under the last step, through layers of spider webs covered with accumulated dust..  It was the ancient Nip Ball! 

I cleaned it, filled it, and offerred it to Iza.  It promptly disappeared again.  I looked EVERYWHERE for it for weeks.  No luck!  I thought this was the end of the story again...

And that is where this tale stood until last night!

They also have a 9 Lives orange ping pong ball with some BBs in it to make it rattle as it moves.  Also recently found again (suddenly appearring after months).  They chased it behind a curtain.  I went looking for it.  Not finding it where I expected it, I kept moving along.  To a spot I probably haven't looked at in years!  Its the 3 inches between my bookcases and the wall behind the curtains in the corner.  I've stuck a few odd items there. 

The space holds the heavy round glass turntable from a previous M/V oven (assumed to be useful for "something"), 25' of curled up siphoning tube I haven't used in years, and a pair of those interfitting circles you use to hold fabric tight to embroider on.  The place where unused "useful" things get stashed...

AND the missing refillable Nip Ball!!!  I have filled it with fresh Nip and the cats LOVE it.  I have seen it in several rooms today,  I hope it doesn't vanish again...

So that is our Mystery, now solved.  For now anyway.