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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Gotcha Day!

MARLEY:  My first Gotcha Day HERE!  I can hardly beleef its only been 1 year, but TBT assures me it is. It feels like almost FOREVER!  Well, I hadda original Gotcha Day in December with Mom, but I made her all sneezy, so I hadda move on.  I loved her lots, but, well, sometimes things hafta change.

So TODAY is my Gotcha Day HERE.

It really HAS werked out good.  Ayla is my bestest buddy an older sisfur.  She grooms me alla time.  An even hissy Iza has come around to me.  We all sleep together, curl up on TBT's lap together, and play mousie-batting and King of the cat tree together.  You should see us at THoE some nights!

Apparently, it is traditional-like ta show old pictures.  Well, I'm only1, so they aren't very old. but here goes...

Stretching out on the cat-smelly carpet...
Stretching out again...
Playing with a cool toy,
Eating great stinkey goodness.
Sitting in the cat tree TBT made.
Listening to Ayla purrin unner the door...
Purrin back.
 Playin with a squeeky mousie.  Man that was GREAT!
My first meeting with Iza.  See her ears flat back?  I solved that by being my nice friendly self and just sitting in my spot.
And she pooffed.  I solved that with love too.  It only took 2 Big Moons.
Here I am playin in the WHOLE HOUSE out in it fer the first time.  I felt right at home...  TBT picked me up on his lap an I dint feel scared at all.  He dint get no pictures of that though.  But Ayla an Iza were pretty good to me an TBT was GREAT.  I felt like I belonged, ya know what I mean?

TBT asked me iffen I wanted a big party, and I said well "no".  I'm just happy ta be here.  But all my friends are welcome ta come by fer foods and treats.  We DO have some turkey and chicken, an there are crunchy treats and some fresh Nip...

I just feel too young ta make a big deal of it.  TBT just read that an said I was a boycat after his own heart.  That sounds good enough ta me.  Well, technically, I'm a mancat now, but I know what he means.  Plenty of time in the future fer big parties.