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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jumpin High

MARLEY:  I'm not the "effortless levitator" that Ayla is, but I finally HAVE gotten strong enough ta get up ta many of the places she thought were all her own.  Like the shoe rack ...  A few months ago, I could only jump up ta the middle shelf, an now I can get ta the top where the folded up towels (an sometimes food) are.

Needless ta say, Ayla is not thrilled.  I mean, we really DO get along great, but she thought that was HER private spot.

Its HER fault, of course.  Sometimes she wants ta eat her dinner on her own up on the shoe rack.  But she doesnt allus clean her bowl (somethin she used ta be famous for).  And I will follow the smell of food ANNYWHERE.  So I kept tryin to get UP there.  The first few times, I almost made it but ended up hanging from the top rack by my front paws, then droppin back ta the floor 5 feet below.
So, as ya can see, I can jump up there now.  I dont look all THAT thrilled, do I?
Thats because there is no foods up here this time!  What I smelled was a little blot of spillover from when there WAS food up here.
NOW, I gotta get down.  Which is not all that easy.  Its 5 feet down ta the floor.  Or over 3 feet down an 2 feet over ta the bed.  Ya know somethin?  It looks further DOWN than it looked UP!  Jumpin onto the bed is weerd cuz its a waterbed and it sinks and shakes when ya jump down on it.  Ayla lands softly like a shoe.  I land like a bowling ball.  I need ta watch Ayla more ta see how she does it.
Meanwhile, I think I'll just sit here until TBT comes by, and ask him for a lift ta the floor...


About the collars (from yesserday):  Well, first, our collars are on VERY loose.  TBT has a dread of us feelin restricted or even aware of them.  He makes sure several fingers fit under them without even pressing our furs.  Second, so they tend to come off still attached at the ends when we wrassle or even just scratch our necks.  In fact, TBT is convinced that Ayla can just walk right through her collar annytime she wants ("The Cat Who Walks Through Collars").  It DOES take me a little more effort.  Actally, Ayla LIKES her "pretty bloo collar", so shes not TRYIN ta get out of it.

Me, I kinna like mine too (it matches my eyes an several girlcats have commented on that), but Id rather not wear one. Im just not into BLING...

Lastly, we thought TBT would never find our collars, but ya know what?

He already had them in his pockets!!!  So we are wearin them again.  Oh well...