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Monday, January 30, 2012

Empty Kibble Bag!

MARLEY:  While we were glad ta see all the stinky goodness om our pantry shelf, we had a scare today!  An empty kibble bag next to the trash can...
I looked inside it carefully, an there werent even anny crumbs!  We have heard TBT say that we eat too much of the dry stuff, so I was worried.
I called Iza over ta examine it too.
We discussed the situation...
Like, what iffen we arent gonna get annymore of it?
That could mean we are gonna get REAL treats, but it could mean we wont get anny kibble.  I mean, we LOVE the crunch.  Its like little mousie skulls...
So we dint know quite what ta do.
Then we noticed TBT standing there smilin.  An Ayla in the doorway laffin at us.
AYLA:  I had watched TBT in the basement fillin up the big quart jars from the bag while Marley an Iza were nappin earlier...  But I dint tell them when they woke up.  Gotta have SOME fun.  ;)