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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr Chewy

We got an offer from Mr Chewy online sales a week ago.  We were thrilled!  FREE FOOD!

You can trust us that we won't lie about anything.  Someone offers us free stuff, we'll take it.  Marketing can be wunnerful.  But we won't say annything nice about a supplier iffen we don't like the products or service.

We have ordered canned food from a couple online sites before and we were VERY disappointed.  Many of the cans arrived dented so badly that The Big Thing judged them "unsafe to eat".  Of course, we dont wanna eat unsafe foods.  Yakking is bad enough, botulism is worse.

So naturally, the important thing ta us was that the cans of stinkey goodness arrive undamaged.

Well, guess what?  The cans from Mr Chewy arrived undented in the least degree!!!  Not the LEAST tiny dent.

Here is the box as it arrived. 
The packing...
The1st case of food wrapped up really tight...
The layer of cardboard inbetween.
The 2nd layer below.  Note that it had no protective packing around it.
The bottom of the box.  No packing material under it.
But See?  No dents annywhere.
 New flavors to us, by the way.  TBT decided to try new brands of foods.  Castor and Pollux chicken (we are poultry fanatics)...
 Halo (which we like) but Lamb flavor (which we dont know).
 A higher view...
OK, so the Mr Chewy cans arrived well.  But we  think they could use better packing.  The cases WERE loose in the box (SEE ABOVE 3rRD PICTURE) and with other online suppliers that resulted in seriously dented cans even in shrink-wrapped cases.  Dented cans = BAD...  We suspect Mr Chewy might have just been lucky in this shipment.  It was NOT packed well.  We would like to see a 2nd shipping experiment with Mr Chewy.

But that also  depends on the selection.  We hate to say this, but the local Petco has more of what WE want than Mr Chewy does.  

We like (for stinky goodness canned stuff) Soulistic Chicken; Halo Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb (separate flavors); Eukanuba Lamb with Rice and Gourmet Chicken; and Science Diet Culinary Creations Chicken.  We will sometimes eat Castor and Pollux chicken or Evo 95% chicken/turkey but they aren't favrits. And the Eukanuba chicken kibble is WAY cheaper at the local PetSmart.

Mr Chewy offered only Halo Chicken and Turkey today of all the brands/flavors that we wanted (only 2 of 7 brands/flavors).  We can get all the others (but Castor and Pollux Chicken which is kinna neutral fer us) at the local Petco and at better prices than at Mr Chewy (even with free shipping).

We thank Mr Chewy for the great coupon, but until he has a better selection, packing, and better prices than the local Petco, we will have The Big Thing hunt locally fer us.

Sorry Mr, Chewy.  We SAID we would be honest...