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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Well, there is finally a bit of activity goin on outside!  We have the first of the early spring crocuses blooming in the lawn.  There are lots more planted, but these are the only ones blooming there.
There are 2 dozens of pansies TBT planted last Fall, but only a few are bloomin.  TBT got them planted kinna late, so they are probly still building up their strength ta make flowers later.
There are also the first of the giant crocuses (pretty brave name fer such a small plant).  These are next to the gravel pathway, so they probly get warmer faster than the others in the flowerbed border.
These have actally been growin all Winter.  Can you guess what they are?
The last garden news is that TBT starts plantin seeds indoors this week.  He hadda buy potting soil, an the best price was a floppy 50 lb bag.  He bought 4 bags an it about killed him loading and unloading them into and from the car.

Happy gardening!