Friday, February 03, 2012

Obstacle Training

IZA:  Sometimes a tossed mousie will end up in an awkward place.  In this case, an open dishwasher rack!
It can be really hard ta get the mousie out.  Ya gotta walk REAL careful around the wires stickin up!
But thats the pink softy mouse - my favrit.  So I really want ta get it out an bat it around some.
I can shove it around an even get a claw in it sometimes,  but it gets pulled loose by those cross wires!
The mousie wins THIS time!  But its good practice.
Sometimes I can get it out, sometimes I cant.  Sometimes TBT will help me with it, sometimes he doesnt.


BTW, the mystery plant in yesserdays post?  Garlic!  TBT just buys a few organic garlic bulbs in the grocery store in early October, separates the cloves, and plants them on Columbus Day.  They grow slowly all Winter.  Around June or July he can harvest it and let them dry.  3 bulbs turn into 50 an they will keep fer almost a year!