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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Vet Visit

Marley:  Well, we were all feelin a bit stressed and subdued yesserday after we got back home, so we just napped all evenin.  But I can relate evrythin that went on now.

First, we all got put in the PTUs.  Ayla dint put up anny fight.  Well, shes been through this a lot more often.  Apparently, it is impossible ta avoid.  Iza struggled some, but ended up inside hers quickly.  I fought.  Real hard!  When I finally did get forced in, I turned around so fast I got my head out before TBT could close the door.   

So he hadda push my head back inside, but I got my front paws out.  He got those back inside, but I got my head out again.  He finally got my head in again, but I did somethin clever.  I grabbed his hand with my front paws - claws OUT!  Heh-Heh, he couldnt pull his hand out fast ta close the door on me...  But then he stuck a pen in through the door, and when I let go ta grab THAT, he got his hand out an the door latched.

I pushed an pulled on that door evry whichway, but I couldnt get it loose.  Well, can ya blame me fer tryin?  After two 2-hour car trips on Thanksgivin, an bein dragged ta the vet just 2 weeks ago, I was right tired of that PTU!  I only hadda go to get 1 shot which fer some reason I could get last time.

So here we all are in the PTUs lined up on the bed...

An here we all are in the Vet office.  We yelled all the way there, often in 3-part harmony.  It dint do anny good, but it made us feel better.
Then we were all in the actal exam room, quiet as mice.  I have ta say it was a bit of a relief.  After a half hour of listening to a little woofie makin pitiful snarfing, whining, wavery noises (it was scared, not hurt), we mostly wanted ta get it all over with.
Ayla was first up cuz she had the most ta get done.
She had the usual prod in the behind and 3 shots.  But TBT dint have his camera ready.
Iza wasnt so lucky about the camera.  Oh the indignity!  Captured forever...
At least we get some comfortin after.
I wasnt lucky with the camera either!  As ya see, I hadda be held a bit more firmly. 
None of us put up anny kind of fight going BACK into the PTUs, though.  TBT placed us so we could see an talk to each other while we waited ta go home.
At least, TBT says, we dont hafta go through this again for a whole nother YEAR.  Which sounds pretty good.