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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Ooh I get to do the garden tour this week cuz the really good stuff is inside an what I can see from the bafroom window over the garden.

Here is a lovely clump of crocuses.  They are open like this in the sun.  That was only 5 bulbs last year!  Apparently, they like it there.
An closed like this on cloudy days.
But the cool thing is inside.  We (well, TBT mostly) planted fancy salad greens a Big Moon ago an just look at them now!  They are called "mesclun".

They arent very high yet.
But they are pretty.  And TBT loves ta add them ta salads.  He says "color AND spice".
They are $6 a pound in the store, but the seed packet TBT bought last year will grow about 10 times like this much, an these are just still small.  He grows them in a windersill box inside and will snip individual plants what will grow more leafs from the roots all year.

I got a chance ta nibble some while he was movin trays around fer new seedlings.  They are a bit spicy, but fun ta eat.

Well, iffen he dint want me ta nibble, he SHOULDNT have put the container on the floor an turned his back.  Right?

IZA:  We have Some fresh Nip leafs, water flavored with chickie, and "picnic" dry treats.  Those seem ta have a bit of EVERYTHING in them so pick out the ones ya like.  ALL of the flavors are sure ta be liked by SOME kitty!