Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

This Easy Sunday, we have a question about something that seems to be making our friends REALLY EASY.  Silvervine...

TBT been doing 'puter searches on it.  He thinks it is ACTINIDIA POLYGAMA, but he cant quite pin it down.  See, some places talk about growing the vine as a large annual garden plant, some places talk about it as a small perennial vine, an some some places talk about it as a "cat attractant".  He thinks there are many types of this plant an doesnt know perzactly which one to grow fer us.

A US source sells seeds for a $ each (which he says is fine), but they dont say that cats like it.  An places that mention how we cats like it arent specific about which plant it is... Thats as annoyin as a mousie that stays inna hole just out of paw-reach!

So, does annyone know where we can get seeds or seedlings of the RIGHT kind of silver vine that WE would like?