Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day Month Year Month Day!

AYLA:  Today isnt actally a real day. so we arent REALLY postin.  That means we can say ANNYTHING we like, like that Iza is a real 768304* when she first wakes up or that Marley 486120455s late at night when TBT isnt lookin... MOL!

IZA:  Hey! What???  You cant say THAT!

AYLA:  Yes I can.  Cuz today doesn't really exist.  Try it out yerself...

IZA:  Ya mean I can tell evrycat you , you 81033215 at night an not get inta trubble?

AYLA:  Yep, see what happanned?  Numbers, all numbers. 

IZA:  Well Ill be 607382!  Look at that!  Hey Marley!...

(Wakes from 70918342 stooppid (oops 670103)) nap... What you 5013  talkin about now?  OH!  Hey lookit THAT!

IZA:  Well that's what we were tryin ta tell ya, 81992315!  Nothing really exists today!

MARLEY67477312, COOL!  So when YOU call TBT a 5061952  4522912, when he is asleep an cant hear you, nothing bad happens?

AYLA:  You got it!  But ya know what the BAD part it?  Do ya really wanna know?

IZA and MARLEY :  "Yes, yes, what???

AYLA:  Wont happen again fer 4 YEARS!

IZA and MARLEY:  Ah mousie-droppings!  How do YOU know that?

AYLA:  Cuz IM smart and you're both 7582221!

*(No numbers were actually used in the making of this post!)