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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  I am thrilled to have some good flowers ta show off today (finally).  Spring is here at last when the daffodils start ta bloom!  First, we have these crocuses.  This patch is older than I am an comes up right next ta the deck stairs.
I really like this patch too.  The really pale lavender is a pretty unusual color, I think.
These garlic plants are doin nicely.  They're kinna funny cuz they grow all Winter.  You would think they would freeze most Winters.
Here are our first daffodils of the year.  They opened almost a week ago 
This one is pretty with its bright orange center.  It opened yesterday.  Soon there will be a 100 flowers bloomin in this big front box.
And next to it are all these crocuses.   There will be a lot more of them too.  Some just barely have their leaves up.
These crocuses are in the border to the flower bed.  There are alternating yellow an purple patches fer 60 feet.  It tricky ta see both colors cuz they dont bloom exactly the same time.  The yellow ones are startin ta fade just as the purple ones get open.
I like these cuz they are survivors.  They're the same as the ones in front but the Big Thing fergot ta plant them with the others in Fall 2010.  They got left inna bag onna shelf a WHOLE YEAR.  When TBT found them last Fall, he stuck them in the tub, dumped some dirt on them, and said "Good Luck"!  They bloomed!  He will let the leaves die back and transplant them with their friends around May.
Well, I hope ya enjoyed the tour.  Ayla says she has some salmon-flavor greenies up on the deck, some chickie juice, and some milk for annyone who wants a snack.