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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: I am pleased ta say that we have some flowers ta show!  First though, the crocus border is still blommin.  I guess they like this weather cuz they dont usually last this long.
The big old cluster near the deck is still bloomin nicely too.
The big change is the front yard flowerbox.  Most all of the early daffodils are open now.
An the striped lavender crocuses  are open at the same time as thm this year, which looks nice.
Around back again, we have this one silly tulip that bloomed early.  I guess thats cuz it didnt bother ta grow a stem!
The pansies are still doing OK.  They dint bloom much over the Winter though.  TBT says he may transplant them ta containers and see if they last all year like the ones before did.  Cuz there will be some Summer flowers ready ta move in there in a few weeks.
An finally, we have the original daffodil patch.  They were planted even before Skeeter and LC came here!  There used ta be tulips behind them, but they all disappeared years ago.
Lets go up on the deck.  Marley says there are snacks.