Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When We Were Young

Well, Bast, we almost missed it!  An its not like we have a lot of time left today to come up with pictures.  Heck, its not like we are even very far from kittenhood, so "when we were young" is sorta a recent menory. 

But we wanted ta join in...


But we agreed to show our recent kitten pictures mostly because we wanted to let evrryone remember the older cats who came before when THEY were kittens...

LC (1993):
SKEETER (1992): 

Now REALLY into the past...  Yeah they arent kitten pictures, but they sure are "they way they were".

HAI U PHIN (about 1965):
KENANI (1958):
Iffen ya notice a clear path of Ayla-like Meezer girlcats in TBT's life from Then ta Now, yer right...

There were other cats between Hai U Phin and Tinkerbelle, but there was a decade or two when TBT couldn't afford film.

MY Sunpuddle

MARLEY:   Since Iza showed off HER sunpuddle yesserday, I decided it was only fair I should get ta do it today!  But she rolled up the door mat this morning so I hadda stretch out on the bare floor.
An I hadda keep scoochin forward cuz the sunpuddle kept sliding off my butt!
And I couldnt seem ta get my tummy warmed either.
Gee, she really IS a PRO at this!  I'll have ta watch her more careful-like next time.