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Friday, March 16, 2012

Birdie Madness

Ooh TBT did a Wicked, WICKED thing yesterday!  He made us think there were birdies IN THE HOUSE!  We went nuts tryin ta find them...

An it was just a music thingie!  We are all really upset, still.

THE BIG THING:  Its my fault.  I saw (online) that the earliest Purple Martins were in the area, so I cleaned out the hanging artificial gourds and searched around for the CDs that have daytime calls and morning calls (to attract new birds).  I have a few portable CD players, but none seemed to work (gee they are ONLY 20 years old).  So I put the daytime CD in the upstairs stereo and let it run for a while.

I SHOULD have realized that the cats would react, but we don't have any of those wildlife CDs or DVDs so it slipped my mind.  Iza attacked the nearest stereo speaker first.  Ayla and Marley ran back an forth between them.  For all her pudginess, Iza has a fierce huntress nature.  I really need to do something to the fence so that I can let them out in the backyard again.

Anyway, the idea is to place a CD boom box outside under the nest gourds to attract new Martins and I was having trouble finding an old portable player that worked.  Its the dust of ages I suppose.  I'll have to buy a new one.