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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, its tulip time here!  Most of the early daffodils have faded and the late ones are just about to bloom.  So the few remaining tulips are the show for today.  First, a quick look at the pansies.  They are finally bloomin better after sittin and sulkin all Winter!

Now on to the tulips.  Last week, all these flowers were just buds.  They have opened very nicely now.  This spot near the deck is one of the few places they seem ta like.
These 2 are the last of a few dozen planted 10 years ago.  Why they hang on when all the other died after only a couple years is a mystery.  The small purple stuff around them is grape hyacinth.  They do OK and even spread.  But they dont bloom as thickly as they did years ago. 
Here those 2 tulips are close up.  Its OK fer us ta walk through the grape hyacinths today - no bees.
These are 2 differnt tulips.  They are also the only survivors of a few dozen from years ago.
These 2 are funny.  TBT says he dint plant them in that tub (cuz he grows potatoes in the tubs).  It must have been the evil skwerls.  Or mebbe they were grown in pots an TBT dumped the soil in the tub, fergettin about them.  Annyway, TBT will take the bulbs out later and plant them with their friends (the ones just above).
Well, Ayla says there are some treats in the house.  An we gotta surprise today.  TBT ordered some Cat Sitter DVDs and they arrived taday.  He is leaving one on endless loop this evening iffen ya want ta see it!