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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: I have some old stuff and some new stuff ta show this week.  These tulips are bloomin nicely.  They are the orangiest ones we have.  There used ta be more, but some dont live long.  That green stuff is Snow-On-The-Mountain.  It grows about my height an has green an cream leafs.  Last year, there were only 12 plants.  They sure spread!  There are 5 hostas in there that will grow much bigger than them.
This is the 2nd type of daffodil in this box.  The early ones were bright yellow.  These look kinna "droopy" this year.  Mebbe cuz its so warm!  But they have a nice smell (yeah, FRAGRANT daffodils)!
These are odd little plants.  They look sorta like hostas, but they are Brunerra.  They has tiny blue flowers right now, but they are there fer the pretty leafs.
These are some of the last of the daffodils.  They are odd too.  They grow 2-4 flowers from each stem!  
There is this 1 little patch of creeping phlox that stays alive.  The pond was originally surrounded by them, but this is the only 1 left.  They probably needed more light.
The old pansies are still bloomin!
These common hostas sure came up all of a sudden!  TBT has been ignorin them a couple years, so ya can see weedy vines growin all around.  I'll hafta remind him ta do somethin about that!
More of the same hostas (and vines).  But they are happily multiplying.  There used ta be just one plant every cat-length in a single row.  When he gets rid of the vines, mebbe he can move some ta the empty spots along the row.
Well, thats what I have ta show this week.  Ayla and Marley have set out some crunchy treats and some drinks up on the deck fer us.  We can sit in the sun until dark an watch the Birdie TV.  After dark, TBT says he will turn on the outside light and we can catch some bugs!