Friday, April 06, 2012

I'm For

IZA:  Yeah I'm For!  Huh?  Oh, I mean "FOUR"!  (Sorry, those are real close werds)  April 6, 2008 to April 6, 2012...  That makes me 4 just like Ayla (fer a couple months).  And I guess that means it is a really Good Friday fer ME!

TBT says I will get to have some real meats from his lunch an dinner plates, he will toss me toys SEVERAL times to me today, an Ayla has to bow down an say I'm great!

TBT:  Iza, I did not say that last one...

IZA:  Well, you should MAKE her bow.  Its my birfday.  I deserve everything I want today!

TBT:  Well, almost everything, but I don't make you guys do anything.  Would you want to bow down to Ayla on HER birthday?

IZA:  Well, no...

TBT:  But look what I got for you today.  A new fancy wand toy!!!    AAANNNDDD, you get a whole can of Eucanuba lamb all for yourself!  AAANNNDD, I'll put on the catsitter mousie DVD AAANNNDDD I'll sit in the chair later for at least an hour an you can sit on my lap watching the mousies.  Is that good enough?

IZA:  OK, Oh lookit!  Its long.
An has fevvers!
It moves fast!
An it is SO pretty!
OK, I wont ask Ayla ta bow before me.  Now how about that laptime and the mousie DVD...?