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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chewy Tuesday

We got all ecited Friday cuz a big box arrived an it said MR CHEWY on it!  We know that means FOOD.  An then ANOTHER box arrived on Saturday!  That was good cuz we were down ta one flavor of good stuff an one that we decided ta suddenly stop liking last month.  Never mind that we been eatin it happily fer a whole year.  We just felt like changin our minds...

But TBT dint open the boxes til today, which was annoyin cuz he kept pushin that stuff we stopped liking an we KNEW there was great stuff in the boxes.  He says he dint open the boxes cuz he dint feel like clearin the table off, but we know better.

He finally opened the boxes an arranged all the cans so that there wouldnt be the same brand or flavor twice in a row.  We appreciate variety, even though the only flavors we like are chicken, turkey, or lamb.  But since the chicken and turkey sometimes come with liver or giblets, its always a bit different.

Look at ALL this food.  Does this look great or what,..
8 cans wide, 3 cans deep an 8 cans tall, plus the small ones in front.  Thats um, uh, A LOT!
We have Nutro Max Chicken&Lamb, Nutro Max Chicken&Liver, Nutro Max Turkey&Giblets, Halo Sots Stew Lamb, Halo Spots Stew Chicken, Halo Spots Stew Turkey, Wellness Chicken, Wellness Turkey, an Avoderm Chicken.  The little cans are Eukanuba Lamb and Eukanuba Chicken (but those came from Petsmart).

We eat a lot.  We split 1 can when TBT wakes up, 1 little can in the mid afternoon, 1 can fer dinner and 1 can when TBT goes to bed.  We also get a handful of Eukanuba dry crunchies in between as treats.

We are safe fer 2 months!