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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weighty Wensday

MARLEY:  Well, with all that food we all saw yesserday, and that we get canned food 4 times a day, we thought we better mention that we got weighed again...

Iza - 14 lbs
Marley - 12.5 lbs
Ayla - 9 lbs

Now thats probly good fer Ayla an she has stayed the same weight a couple months now.  She was only 5.5 lbs all those years when she was goin into heat alla time.  Tiny was cute, but probably not the right weight. 

12.5 lbs is OK fer me as a mancat at 19 months.  I'll probably top out at about 14 lbs.  TBT says Skeeter reached 16 pounds (of pure muscle) but also that he was longer an taller than me, so that makes sense.

But Iza...  Oh she was fat at 12 lbs an her nickname was "Pudge" then.  An now 2 more lbs.  I don't mean ta say she is like one of those superfatcats that look like basketballs with baseball-size kitty-heads, but when she walks down the hall, she does roll a bit from side to side. 

I "walk", Ayla "prances", Iza "waddles".

TBT says he finds a diet fer Iza hard to manage.  She eats her bowl, I eat mine, Ayla eats 1/2 of hers an wants to finish it later.  Naturally, Iza eats Aylas other half.  He tried putting her other half up high where Iza cant get to, but than I eat it.  He tried putting her food up so high that neither she nor I could get there on our own, but he never knows when Ayla wants to finish her meal an she jumps down from ANY height iffen she isnt ready to finish. 

An he isnt quite ready to lock her in the mewsroom until she eats her other half.  She just yells an rattles the door.  It would be easiest iffen there was some food Ayla liked but Iza an I didnt, but Ayla is the picky one.  I like most canned foods an Iza would eat sawdust iffen it had gravy on it.

Any suggestions?