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Thursday, April 12, 2012


We decided that since we had all this good canned foods and an automatic reorder arrangement with MR CHEWY, we would have an EATING PARTY, TOMORROW  on Friday The 13th.  Our explanation to TBT was that Iza dint really have a Birfday Party last Friday, so she is owed one an the following Friday would be good.

TBT just stared at us at first, then started that awful Bein laff noise.  But he said "OK"!

Of course OUR idea is to see how much of the pantry shelf of new foods we can ALL eat up in one day!  But dont tell HIM...

There wont be any real hams, roasted chickens, turkeys, ground cows, real live dead shrimps, or even fishies.  Instead, there will be the best canned foods we know of.

Sure, there will be toys ta play with, an the cat trees ta climb (ya gotta work up an appetite before and burn off some of that food after ta make room fer more), but the main purpose is just to EAT!

We'll have everything we showed the other day...
Nutro Max Chicken&Lamb, Nutro Max Chicken&Liver, Nutro Max Turkey&Giblets, Halo Spots Stew Lamb, Halo Spots Stew Chicken, Halo Spots Stew Turkey, Wellness Chicken, Wellness Turkey, Avoderm Chicken, Royal Canin, an Eukanuba Lamb and Eukanuba Chicken.

But we also have some we liked once an dont now.  Like Soulistic Chicken, Evo Chicken&Turkey, and Castor&Pollux Chicken.

So you can come by an TRY ALL 15 ta see iffen ya like any of them.  Or just eat the favrits ya know.

TBT says that, given the Roman Gorgy planned (oh drat, he figured it out; we JUST cant fool him sometimes), he will set up extra litterboxes an keep his special Throw-Up Kit (a plastic dustpan an a squegee) close at hand.

Ya gotta admit, THIS will be a different kind of party.  Eat want ya want, eat til ya drop, and there will be Nip all around ta keep ya hungry!

And we will have TBT take a picture of all the empty cans afterwards...

It starts at Midnight tomorrow an lasts til Midnight that night!  Lets see how much we can eat.