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Friday, April 13, 2012


IZA:  Oh wow, I just found out about this belated birfday party fer me!  No wonder evryone was actin funny around the computer today when I wanned ta get on it.

Well, TBT brought out evry kitty food bowl stashed away.
None of US have ever even SEEN some of them before!  Like those double bowls...  Who would ever eat that close together?

Annyway, this party is ta celebrate my joy of eating.  We got lots of foods.
So, let the eatin BEGIN!!!

I am SO READY...


PS, we dont care what the post says, it is FRIDAY 12:03 AM here...

6 am UPDATE:   MARLEY:  Wow 8 cans gone already at 6 am!  Sparkle an Ayla ate out of one of the double bowls together in the MewsRoom, trading jokes about mancats..  "Small cats together", I guess...  Though I sure wouldn't mind sharing a bowl with Sparkle.  Ooh I just realized I was probly the subject of some of the jokes.  *blush*.

10 am UPDATE:  IZA here.  The party is startin ta get going good.  24 cans of foods eaten!  I made an honorary yak to break the ice.  No kitty wanted ta be the first, ya know.  So I put it right in the middle of the hallway where evrykitty could see it before TBT scooped it up.  Happily, I was followed by several others who saw it really was OK.  That leaves us room for MORE food!  TBT has had better days, but he expected this so he is not upset.

UPDATE NOONAYLA speaking.  The food just keeps coming.  Ive never seen anything like it.  Ive never been able to hack up anny food, so I’ll leave that to the experienced kittehs.  And they HAVE been working at that,  TBT has been busy cleanin up, that IS sort of the point of this party.  Iza has been doin some of her BEST eating/yakking ever.  And some others are keeping up with her.  She feels challenged for once.

I think this is great.  With anny luck, she will be so fat this next week that she cant even walk.  I can only hope.

4pm update – (IZA) I can hardly move.  I’ve never eaten so much in my life.  I must weigh 16 pounds; 2 pounds more than yesserday.  Yet SOME kittehs here are BEATIN me at eating.  I’m both humiliated AND in awe.  I wont name names, (YET).  But there are some real champion eaters here and I gotta get my game up.  Some of these guys and gals are like 12 or even 16, and have a lot more experience.  There is a 20 pound mancat here.  I would ask his name, but he is across the room and I can’t waddle/wiggle on my side that far...

8 pm UPDATE:  MARLEY:  Wow, you should see all the kittehs lyin around and groanin.  I’m not EVEN gonna try ta compete.  But I DID get to share double foodbowls with a coupla cute girlcats.  They ate real dainty-like, so I tried ta do the same.  It was hard when it was my favrit foods.  But at least I dint embarrass myself and push food over the edge of the bowl like SOMECAT I could mention what lives here.  I’m surprised Iza could even stand up!  Oops, forget I mentioned her name.

And yer not gonna BELEEF this, but TBT just brought ought out our box of toys!  Hes gonna start tossin them around ta see if annykitty can move...

UPDATE 10 pm – IZA:  I did my best.  Gained at least 3 pounds.  I even clawed my  over ta another foodbowl on my side like a big male walrus.  An licked foods out while LAYIN on my side.  But I cant win.  Some of those mancats are HOOVERS!  Where on Earth do they PUT it?  I’ve heard rumors of hollow legs…

The funny point of the party so far is the mancat who ate SO much he fell down (well “rolled down”) the stairs.  An the only help he asked was that somekitty push another few foodbowls down ta him.  Said his name was something like Mopar2.  Said his Bein grew huge pumpkins too.  Makes sense, I suppose.

UPDATE 11:30 pm -  Well, we think we are gonna surrender to the night an get some real sleep.  TBT says evryone is welcome to sleepover as long as they want an where ever they want.  We invite evryone to join us on the bed piled around TBT, but if you prefer UTB or in the cat trees or just on chairs, thats OK too.

Nighty night and thanks fer comin to our party!