Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Werdy Wensday

Have you noticed that we are free of collars in the recent pictures?  YAY!

We hate those things.  We mostly just pull them off once a week and hide them as best we can.  TBT is good at findin them though...  Srsly, we got one off in the deep dark corner of the closet he never pays attention too, an he FOUND IT!

We only had them so TBT could know when we were right behind him, That dint werk all that well, cuz we learned ta walk without the bells "clingling"...

He says he might sew on a dozen per collar...  That might take some werk ta walk silent around him.

TBT:  I want to hear them so that I don't step on them.  Iza likes to stand right behind my feet while I prepare my dinner.  I know to do the Bein-Shuffle, but she still gets shoved footwise, sometimes.  Marley runs to get under my feet when I walk.  I have no idea why.

Ayla, of course, is too much a Princess to risk being stepped on.