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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Welcome to my garden tour this week!  These are the invasive Lysimachia.  Fortunately, they are stayin inside the edging TBT stuck all around them.  Well, there is a patch that he missed diggin up last year, but I will remind him to get at those real soon.  The purple leafs are real pretty, and they will have bright yellow flowers later.
The Spring-Flowering Almond bush has clouds of nice little flowers on it now.
Come closer and get a better look.  They look a lot nicer this way.  
The Brunnera is still blooming after several weeks.  We just saw in a magazine that they are the perennial version of Forget-Me-Nots.  And, yeah, the flowers ARE the same!  We just never noticed that before.  But it is grown fer the pretty leafs annyway.
We have the Columbine flowering now, too!   There are 2 kinds that there useta be more of, but some died an TBT moved them all together.  There is one growin by itself way back in the woods.  We dont know HOW it got there, but we will move it with the others after it stops flowering.
And, finally, the pretty Pansies are still bloomin!  It took all Winter, but they finally spread out and sent up a lot of flowers.  The hot days are comin soon, so they will probly fade away then.  We have Summer flowers ready ta take their place.
Now lets all go sit in the shady lawn area an have some Niptinis and Salmon Greenies!