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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  MY TURN ta do Easy Like Sunday! 
We are all up here as usual.
Ayla is often on the highest platform, but she chose ta have us all about the same height.  
Since she is a "Climbing Princess", that was kind of her. Makes the pictures easier.
In spite of themselves, the girls often nap near each other.
Ayla DOES wander around a bit.  She cant help it.  She has a restless puursanality.  She wanders around the house at night, carrying toys around and merfing the whole time.  And Iza mostly crawlsunner the blankies to be tight ta TBT.  I often get in next to her at dawn.  She likes that...
But today we are all just chillaxin on the cat trees in the living room.
We'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, an trust to TBT and Bast.