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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


IZA:  They nap so well together that I get all jealous sometimes...
But sometimes we ALL collect unner the blankies around TBT, so that is OK.

I crawl in on one side of TBT an Ayla crawls in on the other side.  Then Marley comes along an gets unner the blankie on MY side where just our paws are touchin.  Which is OK (just barely).

An TBT scritichies ALL of us... til he finally falls asleep with his hands around us.  An WE all fall asleep happy.

An on the BEST nights?  We ALL get ourselfs unner the covers in differnt spots, an he manages ta get his hands or feet up against us almost the whole night long which we love.  We don't get pictures of that, but ya can imagine it.