Friday, May 18, 2012

Puff Tails

AYLA:  Well, I sure don't puff often, an usually not all that fully.  But I got a GOOD puff yesserday, so I figured I ought ta show it off.  Rare events deserve attention, ya know?

TBT had that mousie-droppings scary honkin duck at me yesserday, and I finally puffed.  Ya gotta unnerstand, I pride myself in not puffin my tail, since, as a Princess, Im sposed ta be in control alla time.  I do it well.

The scary honkin duck IS a challenge.  But I managed that with a SLIGHT puff.
The snake was a whole other can of rats!  I am embarrassed ta say (but honest enough ta say) I LOST IT!  I went FULL POOF
I went TOTAL POOF!  I don't know how I'll live THAT down.  TBT says thats the MOSTEST poof I ever done.  I'd rather that I hadnt, but, ya know, POOF HAPPENS.  Ta the best of us.

Snakies really give me the POOFS!!!