Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Big Thing Is Here!

IZA:  Well, The Big Thing left the house on Friday.  That was OK, he left plenty of food, water, and clean litter boxes.  It was actally kinna fun, running all thru the house without bein surprised by him comin around a corner with his big feet ready ta stomp us.  But we started missin the scritchies and laptime.

So we were glad ta hear the car machine pull inta the garage yesserday.  He hugged an scritched us all fer awhile and then started takin stuff out of the car.

But then he started cleanin stuff, talked on the phone a long time while lookin at pieces of paper, an soundin annoyed.  Later that evening, the doorbell rang an we all ran fer the bedroom!

TWO other Beins came inta the house.  One was like The Big Thing, but the other was real old and walked funny.  They brought a LOT of boxes an bags into the livin room, an then the younger Bein went away.  But the older one stayed, which seemed odd.

Ayla says he smells "familiar yet differnt".  Marley an I never smelt or seen him before.  TBT said we should go introduce ourselfs to his "Dad".  Wow, we dint know he even HAD one!  I guess evrybody does though we never really thought about HIS before.

I went an did that right away.  He seemed friendly enough an smiled at me, so I rubbed his legs a few times and sat in the room watchin him.  Ayla took a bit longer, but then she is shyer than me.

The BIG surprise is Marley!  He took off fer the basement, an hasnt come up since ecept ta eat briefly.

TBT and his Dad have been unpackin boxes all day an its been fun sniffin the boxes.  There are LOTS of bugs and critter smells that I nefer smelt before.  TBT says those are "florida" smells, whatever a "florida" is.

The worrisome part is that TBT says his Dad is STAYIN here.  Like in "to live with us".  I had no idea TBT needed an older Bein ta live with him.  He allus SEEMED to take care of himself and us just fine by hisself.

He says he will esplain more about this change to us tomorrow.

And Marley will esplain HIS strange behavior tomorrow too.

Oh BTW,  apparently TBT is another year older today.  He told us a number, but it is WAY too high for me ta figure out.  He says he is "about 4 cats old".  Does that mean he is "historic"?