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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfectly Parker

Another of the great kitties of the Cat Blogosphere has gone over the Bridge.  This is a day of sadness for us.  We are kinna glad fer her in a way cuz now she can see again and is well in all ways.  That's good.

Our purrs to her fambly and sibs.  We know how much they will miss her.  We have lost some ourselfs.  But no kitty loss is felt by others as much as by fambly, and we offer our best purrs to them.

Miss Parker was around before we were.  But Skeeter and LC (Those Who Came Before)  were there near the start and had a great friendship with Parker.  I, Ayla,  picked up on that relationship when I arrived in 2008 and I passed on our love for Miss Parker as Iza arrived later and then Marley.

We all loved Miss Parker as a kind of distant Aunt.  We hope that isn't unseemingly personal, but it came down from Skeeter and LC, so we hope that is OK.

Maybe TBT knew her best, as he was around all the years.  He is leaking tears whenever he thinks of Parker over the Bridge.

But WE say it is a good time fer Parker.  No more pains, she can SEE again through those gorgeous blue and green eyes, and she will feel whatever young healthy age she chooses of course.

I, Ayla, received a message from Skeeter and LC last night.  They say they are waiting at the Bridge.  And not just them.  Not that they count all the friends waiting each time, but they say there are a LOT of cats waiting at the Bridge to welcome their loved friend Parker to join them.  They want to show Parker about the everlasting mousie-hunts, the wand toy places, the moth lamps, the treat spots, etc, etc, etc...

We who remain behind will miss you so much Parker-Pie.

We send you off with our best smoochies in return for all the ones you gave.  And you will be covered with them on the other side...

Safe journey, Sweetest Parker...