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Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

IZA:  I'm doing the garden tour today, cuz we were all focussed on Miss Parker yesserday...

These are the first of the Stargazer Lilies.  I love seein them bloom.  They smell nice, too!
The Trollius are beginning to bloom too.  There will be a lot more of them soon.
This Baptisia is a visitor from Australia!  But I guess it knows when Summer is up here in the North side.  Its a regular flower plant, but it gets big an bushy like a shrub.
I like the Stella D'Oro lilies too.  They bloom a long time!  And they are so bright an cheerful lookin.
These Stachys always look nice.  TBT likes purple colors.  But theses dont last fer long.
The Veronica Speedwell spikes are sort of purplish.  But  sort of blueish too.  At least they last longer, cuz they keep sending up new flower spikes.
We have this one rose bush inna box thats a survivor from an old patch that got pulled out.  The flowers are almost gone by now, so they were drooping.  But they are REALLY bright red!
And last, I wanted ta show ya all that the pansies are still hangin in there.  But its gettin near the HOTS now, so I dont know how much longer we'll be seeing them.
As a special treat today, ya can come up on the deck an look in the glass door ta see the new Grampa.  I sits in the chair there pretending ta watch TV.  But mostly he's nappin.

Thanks fer coming along on the garden tour today.  We should be more back ta normal by next Thursday!