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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Welcome to the garden tour, friends!  Since ya all teleport onto the deck ta visit the garden, I am waitin at the bottom of the stairs ta greet evrycat in turn no matter when ya come by...

We are still between Spring an Summer flowers here, so the bloomin flowers are few.  Last week, we had the oriental lilies, so THIS week we have the Stella D' Oro daylilies.
Here is a closeup.  The plants are really full of blooms this year.  I guess they liked the warm Spring.  I dont remember seeing as many flowers at once last year.
One part of the flower garden has a big annual flower section bordered by the Stellas an 2 garden paths.  There is this long row on the right side...
An there is this OTHER row on the left.  TBT likes syymettrie, um simmat...  BAST, "balance" in the garden.  For edges annyway.  In between gets clutterred.
Ya can see a few of the pansies still bloomin their little happy flowers off.  There are new annuals planted in the big area between the Stella rows, but they just look like weeds right now, so dont pay them no attention.  They will show up on the tour in a couple monthses.

We have a Special treat up on the deck today, courtesy of Grampa.  Its MELTED VANILLA ICE CREAM!