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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  I have some new flowers starting ta bloom, an some older ones still hangin on.  So please come along with me to enjoy them!

First, as we step out onto the deck, there are these nice Coreopsis Moonbeams starting ta bloom.  Im glad ta see them, cuz they dint do too well last year.  Like many of the flowers, they liked this Springs weather more than last years.

Now, steppin OFF the deck, we got the 2nd patch of stargazer lilies bloomin.  They are a later type than the ones from couple weeks ago up on the deck.  They dont smell as good either.  Pity, I kinna like the smell of those earlier ones.
The Stokesia are startin ta bloom too.  There will be LOTS more next week, but these are still nice ta see.  TBT says they look bluer when seen from higher up, but we kitties are stuck with the ground level view.   Some trick of the light, he says...
Well, at least these Veronicas are blue at our level.  Mebbe thats cuz they GROW at our level.
Im pleased ta show off the pansies again.  TBT thought fer sure that they would be all dried up by now, but there they are!   They WILL fade eventually and the Wave Petunias will take over.  Ya can see on of those just startin ta bloom.  See that red flower in the middle?  Thats one of them.
And there behind the pansies are some of the Summer flowers.  These are Marigolds, JUST startin ta bloom.  They sure are happy about that cuz TBT kept snippin off their early flowers when they were in the little 6-packs.  But that was so the plants would grow big first and make MORE flowers later.
The red Atilbes are beginnin ta bloom too.  There are white ones an pink ones around too, but they are in shadier spots so their no doin annything yet..
The Butterfly Bushes  are bloomin.  Well, the 3 purple ones annyway.  The 2 white ones start later.  Lazier, I guess...
Ya can see the flower better close up with this one lower down...
That was a bit of a long tour.  So lets go back up on the deck and see whats out fer todays treats.  Ah, we got chick-hen!  TBT got a breast an poached it in no spices just for us yesserday and there is plenty left.  An of course there is the poached juice ta drink plus fresh Nip leafs fer dessert...