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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easy Like Sunday +

A more active than usual Sunday morning...
But we will all take it Easy later.  
When Marley calms down...  Ya cant see him here, but he is tearing around batting mousies.  That's NOT his usual gig.  Ya can see us both looking down at him.  We are amazed...

But he says he is doin it fer Special Reasons!

First, its Fathers Day.  So he is playin with Mousies to entertain Grampa, who is a Father.  Second, he is entertainin Ayla, cuz its her 5th Birfday!

AYLA:  Yeah, Im 5!  Thats not very old, but it sure seems like a long time ta ME.  Its seems like just a little while since I was a little kitten.  But I'm happy the way I am now.  5 is a good age; Im strong, healthy, an happy.  I got Marley as My Best Friend and TBT as My Best Bein.  (TBT:  Nudge, nudge) Oh, an Iza as my beloved sister.

Im not havin a big party this year cuz we wanna celebrate Fathers Day more since Grampa is new here.  I like watchin him.  He's like TBT only differnt!  Ya know?  

But evryone said its OK ta have all my friends drop by fer some party foods and games, so I hope ya will come over.  We're not covering the floors with boxes and bags an toys like usual, but we got SOME out and there's good foods.  TBT is making smoked meats on the deck, but he cooked a ham just fer US and there are all kinds of treats and drinks in bowls.

The space around the cat trees is ALL OURS!  An of course, there are now TWO Beins to give scritchies.  THAT's new...  An we get ta take over TBT bedroom.  That means we can bounce on the big waterbed, jump up an down from the shoe rack, an there are many pillows around fer nappin on or bunnykicking.  The whole toybox will be unloaded in there an around the cat trees.

So come on over annytime!  I'll only be 5 once...   

I'm 5!

AYLA:  Its my Birfday and thanks fer visitin, but I'm goin ta dreamyland an not gettin up until 8 AM today.  Princesses need their sleep!  I'll post about my birfday then...  ZZZZZZZ...  ;)
TBT:  OK, I'M still up.  Oh, she's not washing, she just fell asleep with her tongue out and I caught her like that with the camera.  She had a perfectly good reason though.  There was an Iza fur on her tongue an she was too tired to get rid of it, so she just left it out.

She'll be up at 8...