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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Box Day

AYLA:  Well, we all got a surprize this morning.  The old fancy box from last year was out!  Right in the middle of the floor!

Iza jumped right in.
And SETTLED right in...
In fact, she told US that it was HERS all day an we couldnt get in or she would eat all our fuds today!
As soon as she stepped out, Marley got  partly in and said "NAH, NAH, NAH" to Iza.  He knows Iza cant push HIM away from his fud!
Me, on the other paw, knows she can...  So I decided not to risk it (while she is around).
And in fact, Iza came back to guard the box when she heard Marley.
So, TBT tipped the box on its side.  That kinna confoosed evrybody.  We arent used ta seein boxes THIS way!
Marley sniffed it carefully.
REAL carefully!  Boxes in weerd positions MIGHT be dangerous...
But TBT says he will leave it out all day, so mebbe we will all get a better chance ta sit in it.