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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thank you for coming along fer todays garden tour!  There is some new stuff, plus some stuff what grown from last week.
First, I wanna show off the Stokesia, big time!  Theyre nice from far away...
But they look a lot nicer close up!
An look at the STUFF on them.
Pretty little painted lady butterflies (we think).
Such nice colors.
And ya can see their skinny bodies from above!
Then follow me.  We got the Golden Rain trees in bloom out front here...  They are covered with tiny little yeller flowers that look like they "raining" from the tree.
Ya can see the whole tree from over here...
 An theres the two hosta beds on either side on the front steps.  This one on the left is the one what has all the daffodils in Spring.  It is all hostas an ferns now.
See the little purple flowers up close?  They are nice, but TBT grows the plants fer the leafs that stay all Summer/Fall.
This is the left side of the front steps.  There are big hostas there too, but the smaller green an white plants are "Snow-On-The-Mountain" from New Hampster 20 years ago.  They keep growin no matter how TBT tries to kill them (er, "move them around").
An finally, see the little goldiefish?  We dint know it was still alive!  TBT stuck his hands in the pond an hauled out a bucket of nasty stringy algae ta give it more room ta swim around.  He says he will give it a coupla friends ta swim around with this week.
NO, it isnt fuds!

But there ARE fuds up on the deck.  Ayla says she chose something strange this week.  Cooked pork fat!  I know, I know, but just try it.  WE love it...  And there are Niptinis too.