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Friday, June 22, 2012

Watchin TV

AYLA:  Some of us love watchin tennis, some like acrobatics; I love watchin golf!  I sit right up close so I can watch the balls move around.

I can see the balls move even at high speed!  TBT says he knows that cuz Im allus lookin at the right place.  (Its hard though)
Its a LOT easier when the balls move slower, like here.
I like seein Beins all tiny-like...
Yes, there is a ball in the air here.  Its hard ta see, so TBT (an Grampa) actally watch where IM lookin.
This is tricksie when there are shadows, but Im lookin right AT the ball.
The waving little flags are fun ta watch too...
Here, Im checking the leader board.  Our favrit, Furyk, was near the top.  Well, I LIKE anny Bein with "fur" in the name.
But he dint win.  We were all sads.  It was still ecitin ta watch though...