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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vishus Deer Attack!

We saw a Vishus Deer in the front yard last night!  TBT had just glanced out the window and turned away when the motion detector lights came on.  There was a Vishus Deer standing right there lookin up into the window at us!  Ooh, they are bold...

TBT tried ta get a picture of it, but all that came out was its laser-eyes.  We ducked so it couldnt hurt us, but TBT just stood right there.  Vishus Deer dont worry TBT.

Ecept that he discovered this morning that it got mad at us and ate the leafs off the front row of our bootiful hostas!  We are all very upset. 

This picture shows the BIG CHOMP a Vishus Deer can take.  Granted, that was a plant, but we know it left that ta warn us off how it can bite!
We suggested putting out the Have-A-Hart trap, but he said it wouldnt fit in there.  He is gonna set up the game camera.  First, ta get a better picture iffenit comes back (which after finding the tastey hostas, probably will), and second, hoping the sudden flashy-light might scare it away.

Failing that, he will put bird netting over the hostas.  That ought to stop it from biting the leafs off.  Purrsonally, WE hope it EATS the net an chokes!!!  Cuz we sure dont want it stealthively staring at us at night.