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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Greetins, thanks fer coming by fer another garden tour!

The hydrangeas are in full bloom.  They are funny.  The flowers are green when they open (an there arent many green flowers I ever seen), but then they turn white.  Well, TBT says thay are called "snowballs" an that makes sense.

Ya can see why, here all close up...
The Monarda (bee balm) are bloomin now.  The bees love it.  Oh!  I guess thats where the name comes from...  Annyway, there are red ones an pink ones.  TBT says he gots too much of his garden fer flowers he wants to plant like all wild in the middle of the yard where he cant mow (long story I'll save fer later).
Heres some of the NEW stuff!  These are Wave Petunias like we got elsewhere, but they are differnt.  There are 2 colors in each one,  Thats strange.  They are purply-bloo an pink.  That lil plant right in the middle is a fancy grass what is all stripey an will get LOTS bigger next year.  So it needs some friends fer THIS year.  NO, not the big one at the top, the LITTLE one in front of it.
See the petunias closer?  I think there are really THREE colors there.  A lavender one extra.  I'll watch it close ta see as the weeks go along.
The coneflowers are bloomin now, too.  I like them cuz the bloom a really long time.
Come around behind them on the path.  See how nice they look overlookin the small annuals in the front?  
An see how the bees love THEM too.  Bees love ALL flowers of course, but they love some a little more than others.
The stokesia are still bloomin after a 3rd week.  Not much longer though.  Still, there are some unopened buds left, so it will stay a while.
This is the prettiest new flower in the garden.  Its a Heather.  We've never had THOSE before.  It seems ta be a polite well-behaved flower, so mebbe TBT will get more of them.  I likes well-bahaved flowers that dont just go wandering all over the place or try to take over of flowers's' spaces.
Thanks fer coming along on my garden tour this week.  TBT has a surprise fer our apres-tour snacks.  He left the big toolshed garage door up!  So first, the cement floor is nice an cool.  Second, this is lots of gritty stuff ta roll around on.  Third, he has lined up a Sampler-Pack of the foods that arrived from Mr Chewy today!

The varius bowls have 3 Halo Spots Stew flavors, 3 Max Cat flavors, a Wellness, an an Avoderm, an 2 Canins!  A veritable smorgasbord fer us all.  Best of all, there is a whole bowl of Nip Slings (hot chickie broth poured over Nip leafs an then chilled!  Enjoy...