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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Yeh, I know its sposed ta be ALL of us, but its ME today.  We all decided that ONCE IN A WHILE, we can have an Easy Sunday to ourselfs, an Im doing that today!

Cuz I found a GREAT NEW PLACE in the garage!  There's a THING in the garage that opens the door.  We don't get ta be out there when the door opens, but it needs a hole in the ceiling ta hold on to some boards.  I found the hole!!!

See me up there? It is really NEAT.  I can walk back an forth the whole width of the garage ceiling.  Sometimes I even nap up there.  Well, its QUIET, an SOMETIMES a guy wants ta be "sisfur-free" for a little while.  I love my sisfurs, but some time alone can be good.
But I came down eventually.  The top of the car is neat too.
Its cool.  I mean, coldish.  Metal is almost as good as cold cement in the shade!  
 I roll all around on it, spread out on it, lay my chin on it... 
An its neat ta walk down the front.  I can leave pawprints there!
TBT likes that (I'm sure) cuz he thinks of me when he looks out the glass when he drives.

Hope you all are having a good Easy Sunday, too!