Thursday, July 05, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Its REALLY HOT today, so we'll try ta stay out the the sunnier parts as much as possible! 
This one lily had a late bloom, so lets enjoy it while it lasts!
The annuals are growing nicely, but they still have lots more ta go.  Those pansies in the front are about gone now, but among them are some wave petunias that'll fill up the space soon.
 The coneflowers are about at their best. 
I like the waterlilies flowers!  They come and go randomly all Summer long.  At least in a pond, they dont have the water problems of the other plants.
This is another patch of marigolds behind the veronica.  The veronica are about done fer the year, but the marigolds will get bigger and fill the area with color all the rest of the Summer.

These 2 wave petunias are actally 2 plants in each spot.  TBT bought them that way, but he says he'll do that deliberately in the future.
This strange flower has a name but I dont know it.  The label got stolen (probly by some Evil Skwerl).  The flowers open from the top down.  As you can see, bees like it.
These are bloo potatoes in the tubs.  I dont care fer potatoes, but its nice ta see something growing FAST in the HOTS!

This is a lovely daylilly.  It one of several that grew here after being divided up.  Some little cuttings were dumped here and just survived on their own a few years ago.  Now there is about a dozen. 
Here is a SURPRISE!  Its a real groundhoggie hole.  An guess what?  It wasnt there yesserday!  Look carefully, but DONT stick yer head in there.  The groundhogs has sharp claws and they dont like visitors!

Whew, it sure is HOT!  Lets all go run to the patio.  Its dry and shaded, so its a great place ta roll around on on days like this.  We got some snacks down there too.  TBT cooked steaks yesserday and cooked one just fer US!  Theres enough fer 1 bite each.  So we also have dry treats and Niptinis (cold chickie-juice for the kittens).

Thanks fer coming by ta visit!