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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hidden, 2

AYLA: I decided ta hide behind the drapes,  mebbe just observe, mebbe plan a pounce...
I have a favrit path to behind the drapes. 
Oops, "occupied"!
Marley was already there...
He looks SO innocent.  But now I gotta wonder.  Was HE planning what I was planning?  Was I HIS pounce target?  Marley wouldnt pounce ME!  Um, would he?  No, surely it was Iza...  But he planned a pounce on HER yesserday.  Does he take turns? 

But what if he pounces Iza cuz shes more FUN?  Am I not fun?  AACK, IM NOT FUN!  Cuz he DINT pounce me...  What if I
MARLEY:  Aw knock off all the noise!  Cant a guy even get a nap in a HIDDEN corner around here?!  Im goin ta the computer chair and DONT ANNYONE bother me fer a while.

Walks away:  MUTTER MUTTER Mutter mutter mutter mutter...