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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Ever get a leg just COMPLETELY out of place?
 Yeah, you, too, huh?

And we got an AWARDIE!  The"Blog On Fire" one...  

Thank you Alasandra, The Cats and a Dog!

Now we gotta say 5 things about us.  Um...

1.  Ayla eats alone and up high.

2.  Iza eats until she throws up if TBT doesn't watch her foods careful.

3.  Marley does the vulture roost on the computer chair.

4.  Iza is VISHUS with tossed mousies, but they have ta be rattley ones tossed a bit high.  Video some day...

5. Ayla only likes milk ring toys an she carries them around all night fer HOURS mewling the whole time.  WE think she wants attention, but SHE wont esplain.  Its her secret.

Now we gotta pass it around.  But THIS time it will be ta blogs we only lurked at before but look innerestin!

That's tricky cuz it means we gotta find them again from OTHER blogs, cuz we LIKE them but dont have them bookmarked yet....

1.  Troublin Times

2.  FrostinsChronicles

3.  The Daily G's

4.  Three Cat Yard

5.  Lilac & Cats

And we guess that means we gotta tell them about the awardie!  Looks like we will be up all night!