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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday


We have some flowers ta show, though the weather has been real bad.  Thankfully, the temperature dropped all a sudden yesserday, so its OK out here today.
The Black-Eyed Susans are finally blooming.  Theyre clever; they been migratin themselves toward sunnier areas fer years now.
The Purple Coneflowers are doing well.  For perennials, they bloom a long time!
From back here, ya can get a good overall view of the best flowering part of the garden.
These Forget-Me-Nots dont show up from far away cuz of the small flowers, but they are pretty when yer closer.
The small pond is thriving since TBT started hauling out the algae.  There are 3 orange goldfish an a bunch of hoppy frogs...
The Wave Petunias are startin ta spread out.  Dont mind the grass; TBT says its been too hot to be weedin outside.  But he will get at them soon.
This Miscanthus grass is neat with the gold stripes on the leafs.  Someday it will get much bigger.
 The hanging cherry tomato is finally putting out some fruits...
Like these several on this one branch up close.
Finally, we have the last of the stargazer lillies bloomin.  They sure have a strong smell, dont they?  An there is a whole nother flower ta open!

Fer refreshments today, we are gonna get a hint of the good foods and treats TBT has made fer our 2,000th post party on Caturday.  Bits of ham mostly, but notice there are some shrimp bits hidden among the ham pieces.  An he cooked the shrimps in ham juice!  Best of both.  Plus we got some Nip Slings ta lap along with the meats...